TitreArtisteAlbumBpmGenreCléAnnéeNotationUser 1Commentaire
Wipe Out (VJ Partyman Version) (Clean Single)Ventures80.6Rock ‘n’ Roll09A1963★★★★4*
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Clean) (Single)Brian Hyland122.760's10B1960★★2*
Le Me Formidable (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Charles Aznavour140.6Top 4004A1963★★★★4*
Les Marionnettes (Clean Single)Christophe70.7Top 4010A1966★★★3*
I Love To Twist (Clean) (Single)Chubby Checker86.060's04B1961★★★3*
Let's Twist Again (Clean) (Single)Chubby Checker84.1rock'n & rool05B1962★★★★★5*
The Twist (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Single)Chubby Checker155.860's12B1960★★★3*
You Never Can Tell (Movie Version) (Clean Single)Chuck Berry78.4Rock ‘n’ Roll08B1964★★★★4*
Misirlou (Visualiser) (Clean Single)Dick Dale86.4Rock ‘n’ Roll12B1962★★★★★5*
Non, je ne regrette rien (VJ Partyman Version) (Clean Single)Édith Piaf87.3Top 4010B1960★★★3*
All Shook Up (Clean) (Single)Elvis Presley75.260's06B1961★★★3*
Can't Help Falling In Love (Clean) (Single)Elvis Presley102.3slow10B1961★★★3*
Frankfurt Special (Clean) (Single)Elvis Presley124.4rock'n & rool11A1960★★★3*
Laisse Tomber Les Filles (Clean) (Single)France Gall132.7French08A1964★★★3*
Zou Bisou Bisou (Clean) (Single)Gillian Hills133.1French07B1963★★★
Jump In the Line (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Single)Harry Belafonte116.560's08B1961★★★★4*
I Got You (I Feel Good) (Clean) (Extended)James Brown144.060's07A1966★★★★4*
Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg82.4Top 4008A1968★★★3*
Ring Of Fire (Clean) (Single)Johnny Cash104.3Country09B1963★★★3*
When A Man Loves A Woman (Clean) (Single)Percy Sledge65.0slow04B1966★★★3*
Hit The Road Jack (Clean) (Single)Ray Charles86.8 rock'n'rool02B1961★★★★★5*
Unchain My Heart (Clean) (Single)Ray Charles76.860's01A1961★★★3*
Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) (Clean) (Single)Ricky Nelson97.860's11B1961★★★3*
Pretty Woman (Redrum) (Clean) (Extended)Roy Orbison128.360's12A1964★★★★4*
Tombe La Neige (Clean) (Single)Salvatore Adamo98.4French09A1964★★
Mickey's Monkey (Clean) (Single)Smokey Robinson & The Miracles94.660's06B1963★★★3*
Barbara Ann (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Redrum) (Clean) (Extended)The Beach Boys160.060's02B1966★★★3*
I Get Around (Redrum) (Clean) (Extended)The Beach Boys149.260's08A1964★★★★4*
Surfin' USA (Clean) (Single)The Beach Boys79.260's05B1963★★★3*
Can't Buy Me Love (Clean) (Single)The Beatles169.960's08B1964★★★★4*
From Me To You (Clean) (Single)The Beatles136.160's08B1963★★2*
Help! (Clean) (Single)The Beatles126.460's11B1965★★★★4*
She Loves You (Clean) (Single)The Beatles149.860's09B1963★★★3*
Do You Love Me (Clean) (Extended)The Contours150.060's07B1962★★★3*
Louie Louie (Clean) (Single)The Kingsmen125.360's11B1963★★2*
Satisfaction (Clean) (Single)Rolling Stones70.060's12B1965★★★★★5*
Paint It Black (Clean) (Single)Rolling Stones79.660's07B1966★★★★4*
Baby Love (Clean) (Single)The Supremes138.060's10B1964★★★3*
It's Not Unusual (Clean) (Single)Tom Jones91.760's08B1965★★★★4*
Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus (Clean) (Single)Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin82.5French08A1969