TitreArtisteAlbumBpmGenreCléAnnéeNotationUser 1Commentaire
Fat Boy 1995Max-A-Million127.004A
140103 Alice Deejay Vs Los Del Rio Better Off Macarena Cabox Transition MashUp Intro Clean103.0transition 02A★★★★★
Partir Un Jour (Clean) (Single)2 B 3138.2dance / boys band04A1997★★★★4*
La Playa (Clean) (Single)La Clinique ft Doc Gyneco91.0French03B1999
Assez! (Clean) (Single)Laam115.0French07A1999
La Difference (Clean) (Single)Lara Fabian124.1French06B1999
La Salsa Du Demon (Clean) (Single)Le Grand Orchestre Du Splendid142.1French08B1997
Colore (Clean) (Single)Les Innocents108.9French12A1995
Victime De La Mode (Clean) (Single)MC Solaar84.6French02B1991
La Voie Du Mellow (Clean) (Single)Mellowman105.0French04A1995
Je Me Souviens (Clean) (Single)Menelik83.2French10B1997
Hasta Siempre (Clean) (Single)Nathalie Cardone110.1French01A1997
La Ballade Nord-Irlandaise (Clean) (Single)Renaud119.9French07B1991
Tonton Du Bled (Clean) (Single)11394.0rap fr12B1999★★★
Bad Boys De Marseille (Clean) (Single)Akhenaton ft La Fonky Family84.6rap fr09A1996★★
Eteins La Lumiere (Clean) (Single)Axel Bauer146.0rock01B1990★★
I'd Like to Be With You My Baby (En Amour) (Clean) (Single)Boule Noire100.1French11B1991
C'est Beau La Vie (Clean) (Single)Doc Gyneco & Bernard Tapie80.9French07B1998
L'Impertinent (Clean) (Single)Fabe89.1French01B1998
Je T'Aimais, Je T'Aime, Je T'Aimerai (Clean) (Single)Francis Cabrel88.3French02B1994
Aucune Fille Au Monde (Clean) (Single)G Squad126.0French10A1996
Independenza (Clean) (Single)IAM89.1French05A1998
Love Fifteen (Clean) (Single)Jane Birkin112.0French06A1991
Isabelle (Clean) (Single)Jean Leloup116.6French06A1991
Can't Help Myself (Clean) (Extended)2 Brothers On The 4th Floor123.9eurodance03A1990★★★3*
Dreams (Will Come Alive) (Clean) (Extended)2 Brothers On The 4th Floor134.0Dance06A1994★★★3*
Never Alone (Clean) (Extended)2 Brothers On The 4th Floor128.0eurodance01A1993★★★★4*
I Wanna Be Your Toy (Clean) (Extended)2 Eivissa136.6Dance Classics07B1999★★★
Oh La La La (Clean) (Single)2 Eivissa130.5dance05A1997★★★3*
California Love (Clean) (Extended)2 Pac ft Dr Dre91.3rap07B1997★★★3*
Get Ready For This (Clean) (Extended)2 Unlimited125.1eurodance12B1991★★★★★5*
Get Ready For This (Rap Version) (Clean) (Extended)2 Unlimited124.9Dance09A1992★★★★★5*
Here I Go (Clean) (Single)2 Unlimited139.0eurodance06A1995★★★3*
Let The Beat Control Your Body (Clean) (Extended)2 Unlimited71.1eurodance04B1994★★★3*
The Magic Friend (Clean) (Extended)2 Unlimited128.0eurodance03A1992★★★3*
No Limit (Clean) (Single)2 Unlimited70.5eurodance04B1992★★★★★5*
The Real Thing (Clean) (Extended)2 Unlimited72.1eurodance08A1994★★★★4*
Tribal Dance (Clean) (Single)2 Unlimited130.1eurodance04A1993★★★★4*
Twilight Zone (Clean) (Extended)2 Unlimited127.9eurodance04B1991★★★3*
Feeling It Too (Clean) (Single)3 Jays132.0eurodance07A1999★★★★★5*
Short Dick Man (Dirty) (Extended)20 Fingers ft Gillette126.8eurodance12B1995★★★★4*
Tootsie Roll (Clean) (Extended)69 Boyz132.9hip hop11B1994★★★3*
Alarma (Clean) (Extended)666130.1eurohouse01B1998★★★★★5*
Amokk (Clean) (Extended)666136.1eurohouse03B1998★★★★4*
Diablo (Clean) (Single)666132.0dance03A1998★★★★4*
Shimmy Shake (Clean) (Extended)740 Boyz ft 2 In A Room130.1euro house06B1995★★★★4*
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (Clean) (Extended)AB Logic130.0eurodance08A1992★★2*
The Hitman (Clean) (Extended)AB Logic126.0eurodance12B1993★★★3*
Cover You In Oil (Clean) (Single)AC DC97.3rock08A1995★★★3*
Hard As A Rock (Clean) (Single)AC DC116.6rock01B1995★★★★4*
Thunderstruck (Clean) (Single)AC DC133.4Rock01B1990★★★★★5*
All That She Wants (Clean) (Extended)Ace Of Base93.7pop12A1992★★★★4*
Living In Danger (Clean) (Extended)Ace Of Base102.0dance11A1994★★2*
The Sign (Clean) (Extended)Ace Of Base96.9pop09A1993★★2*
Travel To Romantis (Clean) (Extended)Ace Of Base127.0Dance Classics10A1999★★★
Mission Impossible (Clean) (Single)Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen94.0theme tv06A1997★★2*
Pasilda (Clean) (Extended)Afro Medusa127.0House06A★★★3*
The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Age Of Love130.0techno03B1990★★2*
Alabina (Clean) (Single)Alabina101.2gypsie09A1996★★★★
Osez Joséphine (Clean Single)Alain Bashung117.7Top 4010A1990★★2*
Don't Give Me Your Life (Clean) (Extended)Alex Party128.0Dance06B1994★★2*
Read My Lips (Clean) (Single)Alex Party128.0Dance04B1994★★★★4*
Saturday Night Party (Clean) (Extended)Alex Party125.0Dance04B1993★★★3*
Summer Is Crazy (Clean) (Extended)Alexia140.1eurodance10B1996★★★3*
Back In My Life (Clean) (Extended)Alice Deejay138.0Dance08B1999★★★3*
Better Off Alone (Clean) (Extended)Alice Deejay137.0techno03A1999★★★★★5*
5 Heures du Mat (Clean Single)Alliance Ethnik97.0Hip Hop08B1999★★★3*
Honesty & Jalousie (Clean) (Single)Alliance Ethnik107.1hip hop12B1995★★2*
Respect (Clean) (Single)Alliance Ethnik102.2hip hop04B1995★★★★★5*
Simple Et Funky (Clean) (Single)Alliance Ethnik103.1hip hop04B1995★★★★4*
Dance (If You Cannot) (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Extended)Alter Ego ft Daisy Dee139.0Dance Classics08A1995★★★3*
Follow Me (Original 12 Inch Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Aly-Us120.1house08A1992★★★3*
This Is Your Night (X-Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Amber128.1Dance09B1996★★★3*
Passion (Clean) (Extended)Amen UK137.9Dance Classics10B1997★★2*
I'm Outta Love (Clean) (Single)Anastacia119.5Dance03A1999★★★★4*
Con Te Partirò (Romanza) (Clean) (Single)Andrea Bocelli102.1Italian09A1995★★2*
Voices (Clean) (Single)Ann Lee127.9eurodance05B1999★★★3*
Let's Go DancingAnti-Funky10 X 90 Compilation - Dance Vol.2136.3Club-House02B1998★★★★★5*
In My Mind (Clean) (Single)Antiloop141.3Trance02B1998★★★★4*
Barbie Girl (Clean) (Extended)Aqua130.0bubblegum dance01B1997★★★★★5*
Dr Jones (Clean) (Extended)Aqua70.0bubblegum dance05A1997★★★★4*
Lollipop (Candyman) (Clean) (Extended)Aqua139.0bubblegum dance08B1997★★★★4*
My Oh My (Clean) (Single)Aqua133.0bubblegum dance07B1997★★★★4*
The Funk Phenomena (Clean) (Extended)Armand Van Helden127.2House04B1997★★★3*
Witch Doktor (Clean) (Single)Armand Van Helden125.0House07B1995★★★★4*
You Don't Know Me (Clean) (Extended)Armand Van Helden130.1House07B1999★★★3*
People Everyday (Clean) (Extended)Arrested Development91.1Urban Classics12A1992★★★★
Hot Hot Hot (World Carnival Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Arrow124.0samba08B1994★★★★4*
9PM Till I Cum (Clean) (Extended)ATB130.2trance08A1999★★★3*
9PM Till I Cum (UK Edit) (Clean) (Extended)ATB135.0Dance Classics08A1999remix
Get Down (Clean) (Extended)Avante Garde130.0House11B1999★★★3*
La Bomba (Clean) (Single)Azul Azul94.0Abstract02B1999★★
Can't Love You (Clean) (Extended)B.G. The Prince Of Rap71.1eurodance09A1995★★2*
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Clean) (Extended)Backstreet Boys107.9pop03A1997★★★3*
Free (Clean) (Extended)Bacon Popper127.1House06A1998★★★3*
The Music's Got Me (Clean) (Single)Bass Bumpers131.8dance04B1992★★★3*
Seven Days & One Week (Clean) (Extended)BBE138.0trance08B1998★★★★★5*
Samba De Janeiro (Clean) (Extended)Bellini133.1latin house08A1997★★★★★5*
Mais Vous Etes Fous (Clean) (Single)Benny B118.4hip house07A1990★★★★4*
Qu'est-Ce Qu'on Fait Maintenant (Clean) (Single)Benny B ft Daddy K123.4hip house11A1990★★★3*
Baby I Love Your Way (Clean) (Extended)Big Mountain74.0Reggae11A1994★★★3*
Mangez-Moi! Mangez-Moi! (Clean) (Single)Billy Ze Kick & Les Gamins En Folie89.7French09A1994★★★★
I'm Gonna Get You (Clean) (Extended)Bizarre Inc ft Angie Brown126.9dance07B1992★★2*
Playing With Knives (Clean) (Extended)Bizarre Inc130.0eurodance12B1991★★2*
Put Your Hands Up In The Air (Clean) (Single)Black & White Brothers127.9eurohouse05A★★★★4*
Everybody Everybody (Clean) (Extended)Black Box117.5eurohouse04A1991★★★3*
Ride On Time (Clean) (Single)Black Box119.3eurohouse08B1990★★★★★5*
Whiggle In Line (Clean) (Single)Black Duck130.0parodie01B1994★★2*
You See The Trouble With Me (Clean) (Extended)Black Legend125.0euro house04A★★2*
How Gee (Clean) (Extended)Black Machine106.1jazzdance08B1991★★★★4*
I Like It (Like That) (Clean) (Single)Blackout Allstars134.4pop06B1994★★★3*
The Bad Touch (Clean) (Extended)Bloodhound Gang123.0pop05B1999★★★3*
Song 2 (Clean) (Single)Blur129.9rock05A1997★★★★4*
Iron Lion Zion (Clean) (Single)Bob Marley71.1reggae10A1992★★★★4*
Sun Is Shining (Clean) (Extended)Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe130.0dance08A1999★★★3*
I Feel For You (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar130.1House11B★★★★4*
Two Can Play That Game (Clean) (Single)Bobby Brown121.5dance05A1994★★★3*
Daddy Cool '99 (Clean) (Single)Boney M ft Mobi T130.7dance04A1999★★★★4*
Soiree Disco (Clean) (Single)Boris140.0French11A1995★★★★★
Keep Pushin' (Clean) (Extended)Boris Dlugosh122.9House04A1997★★★3*
Aimer D'Amour (Clean) (Single)Boule Noir97.2funk11B1990★★★★4*
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Clean) (Extended)Britney Spears101.1pop05A1999★★★3*
Baby One More Time (Clean) (Extended)Britney Spears93.0pop05A1998★★★3*
Get Ready To Bounce (Clean) (Extended)Brooklyn Bounce136.1House12A1997★★★★4*
Take A Ride (Clean) (Single)Brooklyn Bounce136.1Dance Classics03B1997★★2*
Everything I Do (Clean) (Single)Bryan Adams131.2Slow 03B1991★★★★4*
Boriqua Anthem (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Extended)C&C Music Factory126.3Latin10A1994★★2*
Gonna Make You Sweat (Clean) (Extended)C&C Music Factory113.2house05B1990★★★★4*
Cause You Are Young (Clean) (Single)C.C. Catch116.0euro dance11B1990★★★3*
Let Me Show You (Clean) (Extended)Camisra136.3techno12B1998★★★3*
Move On Baby (Clean) (Extended)Cappella133.0euro dance05A1994★★★3*
U Got 2 Know (Clean) (Extended)Cappella132.0Dance Classics04A1993★★2*
U Got 2 Let The Music (Clean) (Extended)Cappella135.0euro dance09B1993★★★★4*
More & More (Clean) (Extended)Captain Hollywood Project125.9euro dance07B1992★★★3*
Captain Jack (Dirty) (Extended)Captain Jack74.9Dance01A1995★★★3*
Lovefool (Clean) (Single)Cardigans111.5pop11B1997★★★★4*
My Favorite Game (Clean) (Single)Cardigans71.6pop rock05A1998★★★★4*
Tic Tic Tac (Clean) (Single)Carrapicho100.1Latin01A1996★★★★★5*
Aisy Waisy (Clean) (Single)Cartoons138.0bublegum dance07B1999★★★3*
Doodah (Clean) (Single)Cartoons136.1bublegum dance11B1998★★★★★5*
Witch Doctor (Clean) (Single)Cartoons136.0bublegum dance11B1998★★★3*
Feel The Groove (Clean) (Single)Cartouche123.1euro dance12A1990★★★3*
Cassius 1999 (Clean Single)Cassius127.0Top 4002B1999★★★3*
La Mouche (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Cassius131.0Dance08B1999★★2*
My Feeling For You (Clean) (Extended)Cassius128.0house04A1999★★★3*
Finally (12 Choice Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Ce Ce Peniston122.711B1991★★★3*
Je Sais Pas (Clean) (Single)Celine Dion90.1French09A1995★★
My Heart Will Go On (Clean) (Single)Celine Dion99.0Slow Jams01A1998★★★★★5*
Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore (Clean) (Single)Celine Dion90.1slow10A1995★★★★4*
Bam Bam (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Extended)Chaka Demus & Pliers95.0Reggae/Soca08B1993★★★★4*
Murder She Wrote (Clean) (Extended)Chaka Demus & Pliers95.1Reggae07B1993★★★★★5*
Believe (Party Bangaz) (Clean) (Extended)Cher132.9pop02B1999★★★3*
Strong Enough (Clean) (Single)Cher125.0pop09B1999★★★3*
The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Cher117.0Top 4009B1991★★★WeMasters
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing (Clean) (Single)Chris Isaak75.9rock09A1999★★★3*
Tubthumping (Clean) (Single)Chumbawamba103.8pop rock10B1999★★★3*
Meme Si Tu Revenais (1990 Remix) (Clean Single)Claude François121.9Top 4008A1990★★2*
Pride (A Deeper Love) (Clean) (Extended)Clivilles & Cole122.7euro dance09A1990★★★3*
Axel F (Clean) (Single)Clock135.0Dance04A1995★★★★★5*
Hold On (Tighter To Love) (Clean) (Single)Clubland119.7Dance Classics06A1991★★★3*
Set Me Free (Clean) (Extended)Clubland119.9Dance11B1992★★
Gansta's Paradise (Clean) (Extended)Coolio80.0Hip Hop05A★★★★4*
Because The Night (Clean) (Single)Coro125.2dance07B1992★★★★4*
Baby Baby (Clean) (Extended)Corona133.0Dance10A1995★★★★4*
I Don't Wanna Be A Star (Clean) (Extended)Corona132.0dance08B1995★★★3*
Megamix (Clean) (Single)Corona133.5Dance Classics07B1997★★★3*
Rhythm Of The Night (Clean) (Extended)Corona128.0Dance04A1994★★★★★5*
Try Me Out (Clean) (Extended)Corona131.0Dance05A★★★★4*
Walking On Music (Clean) (Single)Corona135.1dance07B1998★★★3*
Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) (Clean) (Extended)Crystal Waters120.0Dance Classics07B1991★★★3*
Got To Get It (Clean) (Extended)Culture Beat133.0Dance08A1993★★★3*
Mr Vain (Clean) (Extended)Culture Beat132.9Dance08B1993★★★★★5*
Rendez-Vous (Clean) (Extended)Culture Beat128.0Dance Classics12A1998★★2*
Take Me Away (Euromix) (Clean) (Extended)Culture Beat137.4Dance09B1996★★2*
The House Of God (Clean) (Single)D.H.S.127.4house04B1991★★★★4*
Meet Her At The Love Parade (Clean) (Extended)Da Hool132.0House10A1997★★★★★5*
Around The World (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk121.3Dance09A1997★★★★★5*
Burnin' (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk126.5Dance Classics03B1997★★★3*
Da Funk (12 Inch Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk111.2Dance Classics06A1996★★★★4*
One More Time (12 Inch Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk122.9Dance Classics09B1999★★★★4*
Tunak Tunak Tun (Clean) (Single)Daler Mehndi75.1Bollywood05B1998★★★★4*
Quand Je Vois Tes Yeux (Clean) (Single)Dany Brillant136.6French06A1996★★★★
Suzette (Clean WeMix Intro)Dany Brillant104.9Jazz08A1991★★★3*
Carnival De Paris (Clean) (Single)Dario G135.1samba05A1998★★★3*
In My Dreams (Nightmare Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Darkness71.0Dance Classics08A1994★★★3*
You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Dawn Penn161.8Reggae10B1994★★★
On The Run (Clean) (Single)De Bos135.0House11B★★★3*
Groove Is In The Heart (Clean) (Extended)Deee-Lite119.6dance02B1990★★★3*
Silence (Tiesto Edit) (Clean) (Extended)Delerium ft Sarah McLachlan138.0Dance Classics06A1999★★★
Enjoy The Silence (Redrum) (Clean) (Extended)Depeche Mode113.1dance05A1990★★★3*
Life (Clean) (Single)Des'ree105.0pop03B1998★★★3*
Bills, Bills, Bills (Digital Black-N-Groove Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Destiny's Child128.3Dance Classics11A1999★★★remix
Say My Name (Clean) (Extended)Destiny's Child69.0Hip Hop/R&B05A1999★★★3*
Shy Guy (Clean) (Extended)Diana King94.0pop09A1995★★2*
Disco Blu (Clean) (Extended)Disco Blu130.8House09A1996★★★3*
Together (Clean) (Extended)DJ Bobo138.0Dance Classics08B1999★★★3*
X-Files (Clean) (Extended)DJ Dado135.0tv theme08A1996★★★3*
Boom Shake The Room (Clean) (Extended)DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince99.9hip hop02B1993★★2*
The Launch (Clean) (Extended)DJ Jean136.6House11B★★★★4*
Let Me Clear My Throat (Clean) (Extended)DJ Kool, Doug E Fresh & Biz Markie102.4hip hop11B1996★★2*
Bellissima (Clean) (Extended)DJ Quicksilver136.1house04B1997★★★★4*
Free (Clean) (Single)DJ Quicksilver70.0Dance Classics10B1997★★★3*
I Have A Dream (Clean) (Single)DJ Quicksilver139.1Dance Classics10B1997★★2*
Planet Love (Clean) (Single)DJ Quicksilver70.1Dance Classics09A1997★★2*
In 2 Eternity (Clean) (Extended)DJ Sammy ft Carisma140.0Dance Classics03A1999★★2*
Tha Wildstyle (Clean) (Extended)DJ Supreme133.9dance10B1997★★2*
Viens Voir Le Docteur (Clean) (Single)Doc Gyneco83.0French04B1996★★★3*
Back Up Off Me (Clean) (Single)Doctor Dre & Ed Lover111.9hip hop11B1994★★2*
Whoomp! (There It Is) (Eric Chase Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Doodge & Viper ft Tag Team127.0Dance Classics06B2010★★★★4*
Doop (Clean) (Single)Doop130.2Dance01B1994★★★★4*
Knockin' (Clean) (Extended)Double Vision70.0techno05B1994★★2*
Please Don't Go (Clean) (Extended)Double You120.1dance08A1992★★★3*
It's My Life (Clean) (Extended)Dr Alban128.7dance08A1992★★★★4*
Sing Hallelujah (Clean) (Single)Dr Alban124.7Dance08A1993★★★★★5*
Still D.R.E. (Clean) (Extended)Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg93.4hip hop01B1999★★★★4*
The Next Episode (Clean) (Extended)Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Nate Dogg94.6hip hop02A1999★★★★★5*
September '99 (Phats & Small Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Earth Wind & Fire130.0dance06B1999★★★★4*
House Of Love (Clean) (Single)East 17117.5dance04A1992★★★3*
House Music (Clean) (Extended)Eddie Amador122.9House01A1998★★★3*
Blue (Clean) (Extended)Eiffel 65128.1dance06A1998★★★★4*
Move Your Body (Clean) (Extended)Eiffel 65130.0Dance08A1998★★★★4*
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Clean) (Single)Elton John127.9slow06B1994★★★3*
She (Clean) (Single)Elvis Costello65.5slow03B1999★★★
Suavemente (Clean) (Extended)Elvis Crespo124.3Latin06B1999★★★★4*
My Name Is (Clean) (Extended)Eminem85.5rap06B1999★★★3*
Le Disc Jockey (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Encore137.9Dance07B1998★★★★4*
Bailamos (Groove Brothers Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Enrique Iglesias115.0Dance Classics07A1999★★2*
Se Bastasse Una Canzone (Clean) (Single)Eros Ramazzotti86.0slow italien06A1997★★★
Fritz Love My Tits (XXX) (Dirty) (Single)E-Rotic73.0Dance Classics12B1996★★★3*
Help Me Dr. Dick (XXX) (Dirty) (Single)E-Rotic103.0dance12A1996★★★3*
Max Don't Have Sex (With Your Ex) (Clean) (Single)E-Rotic70.0Dance08A1994★★★★4*
Willy Use A Billy Boy (XXX) (Dirty) (Single)E-Rotic71.8Dance Classics12B1996★★2*
I Wanna Be The Only One (Clean) (Single)Eternal100.1pop02B1997★★★3*
Here I Go Again (Clean) (Extended)E-Type138.2Dance04A1998★★2*
Missing (Clean) (Extended)Everything But The Girl123.5House08A★★★3*
Missing (Todd Terry Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Everything But The Girl123.0house08A1994★★★3*
Everybody Dance (Clean) (Single)Evolution127.8dance05A1993★★2*
Love Like This (Clean) (Extended)Faith Evans101.0R&B08B1998★★★3*
Insomnia (Clean) (Extended)Faithless127.0House09B1996★★★★★5*
The Rockafeller Skank (Clean) (Single)Fatboy Slim76.3Alternative/Rock06B1998★★★3*
Don't You Want Me (Hooj Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Felix128.0Dance Classics07A★★★3*
Anthem #2 (Clean) (Extended)Floorfilla132.1Dance Classics03A1999★★★★4*
Anthem #3 (Clean) (Extended)Floorfilla132.1Dance Classics08A1999★★★★4*
Anthem #4 (Clean) (Extended)Floorfilla135.2Dance Classics10A1999★★★3*
Anthem #5 (Clean) (Extended)Floorfilla138.1Dance Classics07B1999★★2*
Vivante (Clean) (Single)France D'Amour98.1rock fr09A1994★★
Evidemment (Clean Single)France Gall108.0Top 4002B1998★★★★4*
Fruit De La Passion (Clean) (Single)Francky Vincent102.1zouk11A1994★★★★4*
Joue Pas (Clean) (Single)Francois Feldman & Joniece Jamison118.3French10B1998★★★★
Living On My Own (Clean) (Extended)Freddy Mercury124.0dance08A1993★★★★4*
A Nos Actes Manques (Clean Single)Fredericks, Goldman and Jones111.2Top 4012B1991★★★3*
My Heart Goes Boom (Clean) (Extended)French Affair130.0Dance Classics01B1999★★★★4*
Fresh Prince Of Bell Air Theme (Full) (Clean) (Single)Fresh Prince101.0TV Clips07A1990★★★3*
Think About The Way (Clean) (Extended)Frisco vs Ice MC72.5trance07A1994★★2*
Killing Me Softly (Clean) (Extended)Fugees & Lauryn Hill92.4pop02B1996★★★3*
Doh Wah Diddy (Clean) (Single) EdelFun Factory133.0dance03A1995★★★3*
Raide Dingue De Toi (Clean) (Single)G Squad108.1pop french12A1998★★★3*
Come Into My Life (Clean) (Single)Gala129.1dance04A1997★★★3*
Freed From Desire (Clean) (Single)Gala129.1dance07A1996★★★★★5*
I Can't Dance (Clean) (Extended)Genesis107.6rock03A1991★★★3*
Jesus He Knows Me (Clean) (Single)Genesis94.9rock02A1992★★★★4*
We Want The Funk (Clean) (Single)Gerardo106.5hip hop09B1991★★2*
Gimme Some Love (Clean) (Extended)Gina G134.0Dance Classics04B1997★★2*
Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit (Clean) (Extended)Gina G131.1Dance Classics03B1997★★★★4*
Pony (Clean) (Extended)Ginuwine71.0Urban Classics01B1996★★★★strip garçon
Baila Me (Clean) (Single)Gipsy Kings119.3Latin09B1991★★2*
The Hits Medley (Clean) (Single)Gipsy Kings120.0Latin11A1994★★★3*
Dr Beat (Clean) (Single)Gloria Estefan / miami sound machine116.6disco dance08B1991★★★★top 50 1984 41 eme4*
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (Clean) (Single)Gloria Estefan118.0latin04B1995★★★★4*
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Remastered) (Clean Single)Guns N' Roses132.0Rock02B1992★★★3*
Infinity (Clean) (Single)Guru Josh125.1dance06B1990★★★★4*
Disco's Revenge (Clean) (Extended)Gusto123.2dance07B1996★★★3*
Rock My Heart (Clean) (Single)Haddaway130.0Dance05A1994★★★3*
What Is Love (Clean) (Extended)Haddaway124.0Dance07A1992★★★★★5*
Now That We Found Love (Clean) (Extended)Heavy D & The Boyz119.9hip hop06A1991★★2*
This Is Your Night (Clean) (Extended)Heavy D & The Boyz106.8hip hop06B1994★★★3*
I Will Survive (Clean) (Single)Hermes House Band130.2dance08A1996★★★★★5*
Samba (1992 Mix) (Clean) (Extended)House Of Gypsies122.7house12B1992★★★3*
Jump Around (Clean) (Extended)House Of Pain106.9hip hop12B1992★★★3*
Want Love (Clean) (Extended)Hysteric Ego128.0House02A1996★★★3*
Independenza (Clean Single)IAM89.1Hip Hop05A1998★★★3*
Petit Frere (Clean) (Single)IAM88.1rap03A1997★★2*
Check Yo Self (Clean) (Extended)Ice Cube ft Das EFX101.5hip hop11B1993★★★3*
Easy (Clean) (Single)Ice MC97.806A1990★★★3*
It's A Rainy Day (Clean) (Extended)Ice MC135.0Dance10B1994★★★★4*
Take Away The Colour (Clean) (Extended)Ice MC135.0Dance Classics07A1993★★★3*
Think About The Way (2020 Pucko Edit) (VJ Partyman Version) (Clean WeMix Remix)Ice MC133.0Dance Classics07B1994★★remix mais passe bien
Think About The Way (Clean) (Extended)Ice MC133.0Dance07B1994★★★★★5*
Des Fleurs Pour Salinger (Clean) (Single)Indochine120.4French08B1990★★★
Le Baiser (Clean) (Single)Indochine122.1pop fr03B1990★★★
Tes Yeux Noirs (Clean) (Single)Indochine68.8French11B1991★★★
Here Comes The Hotstepper (Heartical Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Ini Kamoze100.3hip hop11B1994★★★★4*
Bad Boys (Clean) (Extended)Inner Circle87.5hip hop08B1990★★★3*
Sweat (A La La Long) (Clean) (Extended)Inner Circle86.6reggae09B1992★★★3*
Piece Of My Heart (Clean) (Extended)Intermission131.2euro dance06A1993★★2*
Six Days (Clean) (Extended)Intermission ft Lori Glori139.1Dance Classics10A1994★★★★4*
My Radio (70's Mix) (Clean) (Extended)J.K.133.0dance12B1995★★★3*
My Radio (Clean) (Extended)J.K.136.0dance11A1995★★★★4*
You And I (Clean) (Extended)J.K.132.0dance04A1994★★★3*
This Is The Night (Clean) (Extended)Jacynthe136.2Dance Classics06B1997★★2*
Right In The Night (Clean) (Extended)Jam & Spoon137.0Dance Classics04B1993★★2*
Canned Heat (Clean) (Extended)Jamiroquai128.1Dance Classics07A1999★★2*
Little L (Clean) (Single)Jamiroquai122.0disco03A1999★★★★tres tres bon2*
When You Gonna Learn Digeridoo (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Jamiroquai106.3Urban04A1992★★
La Taille De Ton Amour (Clean) (Single)Jane Fostin90.1French07B1996★★
Together Again (Clean) (Extended)Janet Jackson123.2dance06A1997★★2*
Plastic Dreams (Clean) (Extended)Jaydee128.0dance05A1993★★★3*
1990 (Clean) (Single)Jean Leloup122.2pop11B1991★★★★4*
Let's Get Loud (Clean) (Single)Jennifer Lopez131.0dance05A1999★★★3*
I Can See Clearly Now (Clean) (Extended)Jimmy Cliff120.0Reggae10B1993★★★★★5*
To Love Somebody (Clean Single)Jimmy Somerville154.0Top 4006B1990★★
One Of Us (Clean) (Single)Joan Osborne87.4rock11B1995★★★3*
Grease Megamix (Clean) (Extended)John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John107.4rock and roll09B1990★★★★4*
Summer Nights (Clean) (Single)John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John124.6dance10B1998★★★3*
Allumer Le Feu (Clean) (Single)Johnny Hallyday139.9French10A1998★★★★★5*
Alison (Clean) (Single)Jordy121.1French12A1992★★★
Dur Dur D'Etre Bebe (Clean) (Single)Jordy121.3dance05A1992★★2*
Higher State Of Consciousness (Clean) (Extended)Josh Wink134.1House01A1996★★2*
I'll House You ('98 Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Jungle Brothers128.0house04B1998★★★3*
My Feeling (Clean) (Extended)Junior Jack131.0House09A1999★★★★4*
Aicha (Clean) (Single)Khaled85.0raï06A1996★★★★★5*
Crazy Crazy Nights (Clean) (Single)Kiss121.7rock09B1997★★★3*
Kickin' Hard (Clean) (Extended)Klubbheads135.0techno11B1998★★★★4*
Jump (Clean) (Extended)Kris Kross101.9hip hop11A1992★★★★4*
Feel What You Want (Clean) (Extended)Kristine W126.0Dance Classics12B★★★3*
Sound Of Da Police (Clean) (Extended)KRS-One95.0Hip Hop/R&B02B1993★★★3*
James Brown Is Dead (Clean) (Single)L.A. Style129.8Dance Classics01B1991★★★3*
Pretend We're Dead (Clean) (Single)L7115.3rock12B1992★★★★4*
Be My Lover (Discotech Edit) (Clean) (Extended)La Bouche135.4dance12A★★★★4*
Sweet Dreams (Clean) (Single)La Bouche133.6Dance10A1994★★★3*
Je T'Aime (Clean) (Single)Lara Fabian122.1slow05A1997★★★★4*
Tout (Clean) (Single)Lara Fabian124.0slow04B1997★★★3*
Tu M'oublieras (Clean) (Single)Larusso110.9pop french02B1998★★★★4*
Big SoulLe Brio (Branchez la guitare)135.7rock11B★★★★4*
Call Me (Clean) (Extended)Le Click136.0Dance12A1997★★2*
legend b -Lost In Love (Airplay Edit)Act Of FearAdditional Love E.P.159.809A1994★★★★★5*
Sitting Down Here (Clean) (Single)Lene Marlin124.2pop10B1999★★2*
Are You Gonna Go My Way (Clean) (Single)Lenny Kravitz129.1rock09A1993★★★★4*
C'est Toi Que Je T'Aime (Clean) (Single)Les Inconnus84.8French05A1991★★★★★
The Greatest DJ (Clean) (Extended)Lexy & K- Paul132.0Dance Classics03B1999★★2*
Voyage En Italie (Clean) (Single)Lilicub67.6pop fr08A1998★★★
Narcotic (Clean) (Single)Liquido102.1rock03B1998★★★★4*
Ritmo De La Noche (Clean) (Single)Lorca122.6Latin12B1990★★★3*
Maracena (Clean) (Single)Los Del Mar103.2dance06A1995★★★★★5*
Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) (2nd Version) (Clean) (Single)Los Del Rio103.202A1993★★★★★5*
I Got A Girl (Clean) (Single)Lou Bega88.090's07B1999★★★
Mambo #5 (Clean) (Extended)Lou Bega87.1dance06B1999★★★★4*
Mambo Mambo (Clean) (Single)Lou Bega130.190's04A1999★★★★★5*
J'Temmene Au Vent (Clean) (Single)Louise Attaque137.9rock fr01A1997★★★★★5*
I Got 5 On It (Clean) (Extended)Luniz87.1rap03A1995★★★3*
I Got 5 On It (Bay City Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Luniz ft Various Artists86.9rap03A1995★★★3*
Je Dis Aime (Clean) (Single)M96.2French11A1999★★★
Movin On Up (Clean) (Extended)M People125.1dance05A1993★★★★4*
It's On You (Clean) (Extended)M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy118.7dance09A1990★★★3*
Feel The Drums (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Extended)M1125.9Dance Classics04A1991★★2*
Disco Disco (XXX) (Clean) (Single)Mabel130.1dance03B1999★★★★4*
Omen III (Clean) (Extended)Magic Affair137.9Dance Classics11A1994★★★★4*
La Tribu De Dana (Clean) (Single)Manau93.6hip hop fr05A1998★★★★4*
Mais Qui Est La Belette (Remix) (Clean) (Single)Manau101.0French06A1998★★★★★
Bongo Bong (Clean) (Single)Manu Chao75.1pop fr08A1999★★2*
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Select Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Mariah Carey75.0Christmas09B1994★★★3*
Without You (Clean) (Single)Mariah Carey122.1slow02A1994★★★★4*
Return Of The Mack (Clean) (Extended)Mark Morrison95.5hip hop10B1996★★★3*
Water Verve (Clean) (Extended)Mark Van Dale133.7Dance Classics10B1998★★★★4*
Anybody (Movin’ On) (Clean) (Extended)Masterboy71.5Dance Classics08A1995★★★3*
Everybody Needs Somebody (Clean) (Single)Masterboy132.1Dance05A1993★★★3*
Feel The Heat Of The Night (Clean) (Extended)Masterboy70.0Dance10B1994★★★★4*
Generation Of Love (Clean) (Extended)Masterboy70.1Dance Classics11B1995★★★3*
Is This The Love (Clean) (Single)Masterboy70.1dance10B1994★★★3*
Show Me Colours (Clean) (Extended)Masterboy138.001B1996★★2*
Lambe An Dro (Clean) (Single)Matmatah120.1rock12B1998★★★★4*
Fat Boy (Clean) (Extended)Max-A-Million126.9Dance07B1994★★★3*
Get Away (Clean) (Extended)Maxx133.0dance07B1994★★★★4*
No More (I Can't Stand It) (Clean) (Extended)Maxx138.0dance07B1994★★★★4*
U Can't Touch This (Clean) (Extended)MC Hammer133.0dance10B1990★★★★4*
Bouge De La (Clean) (Single)MC Solaar86.5hip hop03A1991★★★★★5*
Caroline (Clean) (Single)MC Solaar86.0hip hop08A1992★★★★4*
Les Temps Changent (Clean) (Single)MC Solaar100.0hip hop fr05B1997★★★3*
Dub I Dub (Clean) (Extended)Me & My136.0Dance Classics10A1995★★★3*
Pyromellow (Clean) (Single)Mellowman100.0French11A1995★★★
Bye Bye (Clean) (Single)Ménélik96.1French12A1998★★★★
Tout Baigne (Clean) (Single)Ménélik94.0French09B1995★★
Black Or White (Clean) (Extended)Michael Jackson114.8pop12B1991★★★★★5*
You Are Not Alone (Clean) (Single)Michael Jackson119.7slow02A1995★★★★4*
Over My Shoulder (Clean) (Single)Mike & The Mechanics93.4pop rock06B1995★★★3*
La Vache (Clean) (Single)Milk Inc136.1Dance Classics03B1996★★★★4*
Jesus Built My Hotrod (Clean) (Single)Ministry124.9rock08A1991★★★3*
You Are Not Alone (Clean) (Extended)Modern Talking128.0Dance Classics05A1999★★2*
You're In My Heart, My Soul '98 (Clean) (Single)Modern Talking ft Eric Singleton119.5dance 01A1998★★★★4*
Eins Zwei Polizei (Clean) (Single)Mo-Do72.4Dance09B1994★★★★★5*
Super Gut (Clean) (Single)Mo-Do72.5Dance10A1994★★★★4*
Sing It Back (Clean) (Single)Moloko123.1House05B1998★★★3*
Get It On Tonite (Clean) (Extended)Montell Jordan99.1pop03A1999★★★3*
Yeke Yeke (Clean) (Single)Mory Kante125.3dance08B1995★★★3*
Horny (Clean) (Extended)Mousse T123.0dance12B1998★★★★4*
Pump That Body (Clean) (Single)Mr Lee124.5dance10A1990★★2*
Flat Beat (Clean) (Extended)Mr Oizo129.0House11B1999★★★3*
4 On The Floor (Clean) (Single)Mr President73.0Dance Classics07A1996★★★3*
Coco Jamboo (Clean) (Extended)Mr President100.0House12A1997★★★★4*
Get A Move On (Clean) (Single)Mr Scruff123.3Dance Classics06A1999★★2*
Heads High (Clean) (Extended)Mr Vegas92.1Reggae08B1998★★★★★5*
Comme J'Ai Mal (Clean) (Single)Mylene Farmer120.9French12B1995★★★
Desenchantee (Clean) (Single) (HD)Mylene Farmer126.0pop03A1991★★★3*
Regrets (Clean) (Single)Mylène Farmer & Jean-Louis Murat125.0pop fr03A1997★★2*
7 Seconds (Clean) (Single)Neneh Cherry & Youssou N'Dour77.1pop11A1994★★2*
Sunshine & Happiness (Clean) (Single)Nerio's Dubwork Meets Darry Pandy124.0dance11B1999★★2*
Step By Step (Clean) (Extended)New Kids On The Block125.3pop10A1990★★★3*
J'ai Vu (Clean) (Single)Niagara92.1rock10A1990★★★★4*
Pulverturm (Clean) (Single)Niels Van Gogh136.0Dance Classics04B1998★★2*
Push The Feeling On (Clean) (Extended)Nightcrawlers123.0House11A1995★★★★4*
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Clean) (Single)Nirvana115.6Alternative/Rock04A1991★★★★★5*
Where Do You Go (Clean) (Single)No Mercy127.1Dance03A1996★★2*
L'homme Pressé (Clean) (Single)Noir Desir102.2rock fr08A1997★★★★★5*
Yakalelo (Clean) (Single)Nomads121.6dance09B1998★★★★4*
Notorious (Clean) (Extended)Notorious B.I.G. ft Puff Daddy & Lil Kim101.1hip hop11B1999★★2*
Superstar (Clean) (Extended)Novy Vs Eniac130.0dance08A1997★★★★4*
Stayin' Alive (Clean) (Extended)N-Trance ft Ricardo Da Force106.8disco12A1995★★★★★5*
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Clean) (Extended)N-Trance ft Rod Stewart112.3disco07B1997★★★★4*
Hold That Sucker Down (Clean) (Single)O.T. Quartet129.1dance09B1994★★2*
Wonderwall (Clean) (Single)Oasis87.0pop rock11A1995★★★3*
The Kids Aren't Alright (Clean) (Single)Offspring99.7rock03B1999★★★★★5*
Where Are You (Clean) (Extended)Paffendorf138.0techno11A1999★★★★4*
Bailando (Clean) (Single)Paradisio132.9dance03B1996★★★★★5*
Vamos A La Discoteca (Clean) (Single)Paradisio131.8dance03A1997★★★★4*
Personne (Clean) (Single)Pascal Obispo76.1pop10B1996★★2*
Tombé Pour Elle (L'île Aux Oiseaux) (Clean) (Single)Pascal Obispo85.8French06B1994★★★
Je Zappe & Je Matte (Clean) (Single)Passi92.1rap fr02B1998★★★
Romantic Call (Clean) (Extended)Patra ft Yo Yo98.3Reggae01B1993★★2*
Place Des Grands Hommes (Clean Single)Patrick Bruel130.7Top 4011B1990★★★3*
Rainbow In The Sky (Clean) (Single)Paul Elstak84.0trance11B1995★★★★4*
Get Get Down (Clean) (Extended)Paul Johnson127.0House07B1999★★★★★5*
Tonite (Clean) (Extended)Phats & Small129.0Dance Classics12B1999★★2*
Turn Around (Clean) (Extended)Phats & Small132.0House02B1999★★★★4*
Il est vraiment phénoménal (Clean Single)Phenomenal Club134.0Dance09B1997★★★★★5*
Si Loin De Toi (Clean) (Single)Pit Bacardi91.1French07A1998★★
Sex On The Streets (Clean) (Single)Pizzaman129.0House04A1995★★★3*
The Summer Is Magic (Clean) (Extended)Playahitty133.8Dance12B1994★★★★4*
Up To No Good (Clean) (Single)Porn Kings130.0techno01A1997★★★3*
Glory Box (Clean) (Single)Portishead120.1slow02A1994★★★show bar patron angelys3*
Cream (Clean) (Extended)Prince115.7pop06B1991★★★★4*
El Tiburon (Clean) (Extended)Proyecto Uno130.5latin07B1995★★★3*
I'll Be Missing You (Clean) (Extended)Puff Daddy ft Faith Evans & 112110.0hip hop09B1997★★★3*
Satisfy You (Clean) (Extended)Puff Daddy ft R Kelly87.4hip hop05B1999★★★3*
Universal Nation (Clean) (Extended)Push138.2Dance Classics06B1999★★★3*
The Show Must Go On (Clean) (Single)Queen84.0pop10A1991★★★3*
Home Alone (No Rap) (Clean) (Extended)R Kelly99.5hip hop11B1999★★★★4*
I Believe I Can Fly (Clean) (Single)R Kelly120.4Slow08A1996★★★★4*
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Clean) (Single)R Kelly108.0solw04B1999★★★★4*
Home Alone (Clean) (Extended)R Kelly ft Keith Murray99.6hip hop11B1999★★★★4*
She's Got That Vibe (Clean) (Extended)R Kelly ft Public Announcement113.1Urban Classics04B1992★★2*
Everybody Hurts (Clean) (Single)R.E.M.94.2slow10B1993★★★★4*
Instant Moments (Clean) (Extended)R.O.O.S.134.0Dance Classics09A1997★★★3*
Ya Rayah (Clean Single)Rachid Taha101.1raï10B1997★★★3*
Laisse Le Peuple S'exprimer (Clean Single)Raggasonic86.2Hip Hop02A1998★★★3*
Aiguise Comme Une Lame (Clean Single)Raggasonic feat. NTM81.4Hip Hop01B1996★★★3*
Another Night (Discotech Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Real McCoy126.0Dance10B1995★★★3*
It's On You (Clean) (Single)Real McCoy126.0Dance08A1999★★★3*
Da Beat Goes (Clean) (Extended)Red 5137.0Dance07B1996★★★3*
I Love You...Stop (Clean) (Extended)Red 5138.1Dance02B1996★★2*
Lift Me Up (Clean) (Extended)Red 5136.5Dance02B1997★★2*
Give It Away (Clean) (Extended)Red Hot Chili Peppers91.5Alternative/Rock08A1991★★
Love Rollercoaster (Clean) (Single)Red Hot Chili Peppers116.3rock09A1996★★★3*
Cotton Eye Joe (Clean) (Extended)Rednex132.1Dance Classics12A1994★★★★★5*
Old Pop In An Oak (Clean) (Single)Rednex128.4Dance Classics09A1994★★★3*
The Way I Mate (Clean) (Single)Rednex127.1Dance Classics11B1999★★
Are You Ready For Some More (Clean) (Extended)Reel 2 Real127.0House06A1996★★2*
Can You Feel It (Clean) (Extended)Reel 2 Real125.1House08B1995★★★3*
Go On Move (Clean) (Extended)Reel 2 Real125.4House06A1994★★★3*
I Like To Move It (Clean) (Extended)Reel 2 Real123.0House05A1994★★★★★5*
Raise Your Hands (Clean) (Extended)Reel 2 Real125.0House05A1994★★★3*
I Like To Move It (Erick Morillo Club Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Reel 2 Real ft Mad Stuntman123.0Dance Classics05A1994★★★★★5*
Livin' La Vida Loca (Redrum) (Clean) (Extended)Ricky Martin89.090's03B1999★★★3*
Maria (Clean) (Extended)Ricky Martin126.8Latin06B1996★★★★★5*
The Cup Of Life (Clean) (Single)Ricky Martin120.0latin06A1998★★★★4*
The Cup Of Life (Dance Mix) (Clean) (Single)Ricky Martin127.0latin06A1998★★★★4*
I'm Too Sexy (Clean) (Extended)Right Said Fred122.1dance12B1992★★★3*
Angels (Clean) (Single)Robbie Williams75.0slow12B1997★★★
Millenium (Clean) (Single)Robbie Williams91.3pop03B1998★★2*
Children (X-Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Robert Miles137.1House04A1996★★★★★5*
Fable (Clean) (Single)Robert Miles136.2Dance Classics12A1996★★★3*
One And One (Clean) (Extended)Robert Miles120.1Dance08B1996★★2*
I'll Be Your Friend (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Extended)Robert Owens121.7Dance Classics04B1991★★2*
Luv 4 Luv (Clean) (Extended)Robin S117.9dance05A1992★★2*
Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Robin S122.7House05B1993★★★★4*
Lick It (Clean) (Extended)Roula127.0Dance01A1995★★★★4*
Everybody's Free (Clean) (Extended)Rozalla131.0Dance Classics08A1992★★★3*
Everybody's Free (The Launch Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Rozalla136.0Dance Classics01B1999★★★★4*
Everybody Be Somebody (Clean) (Extended)Ruffneck ft Yavahn123.9House03A1998★★★★4*
It's Like That (Clean) (Extended)Run DMC Vs. Jason Nevins129.2House08A1997★★★★★5*
This Is How We Party (Clean) (Single)S.O.A.P.110.0pop11A1998★★★3*
Outro Lugar (Clean) (Extended)Salome De Bahia129.8Portuguese12B1999★★★★
Let's Talk About Sex (Clean) (Extended)Salt 'N' Pepa107.0hip hop04B1991★★★3*
Maria Maria (Clean) (Extended)Santana ft Wyclef Jean97.9pop rock09B1999★★★★4*
Ecuador (Clean) (Extended)Sash133.0Dance09A1997★★★★4*
Encore Une Fois (Clean) (Extended)Sash133.910B1996★★★3*
Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Sash132.9dance01B1996★★★★★5*
Stay (Clean) (Extended)Sash134.0Dance09B1997★★★★4*
Mysterious Times (Clean) (Extended)Sash ft Tina Cousins134.3Dance12A1998★★★3*
Adelante (Clean) (Single)Sash!136.0dance11A1999★★★3*
The Megamix (Clean) (Single)Sash!133.8dance09B1998★★★3*
Everybody Jam! (Clean) (Extended)Scatman John133.8Dance Classics06B1996★★★3*
Scatman (Clean) (Extended)Scatman John136.0dance03A1994★★★★★5*
Scatman's World (Clean) (Single)Scatman John73.5Dance Classics10B1995★★★★4*
Call Me Mañana (Clean) (Extended)Scooter143.0Dance Classics08A1999★★2*
Fire (Clean) (Single)Scooter71.0Dance Classics08A1997★★2*
Friends (Clean) (Single)Scooter88.0trance06A1995★★★★4*
Kiss From A Rose (Movie Version) (Clean) (Single)Seal87.8pop11B1994★★2*
Magalenha (Clean) (Single)Sergio Mendes116.7Latin08A1991★★★3*
Mr. Loverman (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Shabba Ranks86.3Top 4008A1992★★WeMasters
Boombastic (Clean) (Single)Shaggy79.2rnb10B1995★★★★4*
Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Clean) (Single)Shania Twain125.0pop rock06B1999★★★★4*
Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Clean) (Extended)Shania Twain125.0pop07B1999★★★★4*
Samurai (Clean) (Single)Shurik'n88.0French08B1998★★
Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) (Clean) (Single)Sin With Sebastian138.0Dance Classics07B1995★★★3*
Baby Got Back (Clean) (Extended)Sir Mix-A-Lot128.4dance08B1992★★★3*
Kiss Me (Clean) (Single)Sixpence None The Richer100.1pop rock05B1998★★★3*
Rhythm Is A Dancer (Clean) (Extended)Snap124.3dance08A1992★★★★★5*
The Power (Clean) (Extended)Snap109.0dance11A1990★★★★4*
What's My Name (Clean) (Extended)Snoop Doggy Dogg96.3hip hop10A1993★★★3*
Informer (Clean) (Extended)Snow98.1hip hop02B1992★★★3*
Follow The Leader (Clean) (Single)Soca Boys72.1Reggae/Soca03A1998★★★★★5*
Follow The Leader (Up & Down Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Soca Boys137.1Dance Classics03A1999★★★★4*
Can't Get Enough (Clean) (Extended)Soulsearcher128.1House01A★★★3*
Luvstruck (Clean) (Extended)Southside Spinners138.0Dance Classics07A1998★★2*
(X-Ray) Follow Me (Clean) (Single)Space Frog ft Grim Reaper138.0Dance Classics06A1997★★★★4*
Spice Up Your Life (Morales Edit) (Clean) (Extended)Spice Girls125.2dance08B1997★★2*
Wannabe (Clean) (Extended)Spice Girls110.1pop01B1997★★★★4*
Who Do You Think You Are (Clean) (Single)Spice Girls118.1dance11A1997★★★★4*
Two Princes (Clean) (Single)Spin Doctors103.0rock11B1992★★★★4*
The Music Sounds Better With You (Clean) (Extended)Stardust123.9dance09B1998★★★★4*
Push It (Clean) (Single)Static-X74.9hard rock08B1999★★★★4*
Dejeuner En Paix (Clean) (Single)Stephan Eicher125.9French11B1991★★★
Desert Rose (Clean) (Single)Sting112.090's05A1999★★
Fields Of Gold (Clean) (Single)Sting104.190's10A1993★★
Shape Of My Heart (Clean) (Single)Sting84.390's11A1993★★
Freak It (Clean) (Extended)Studio 45131.5Dance Classics12B1999★★
Alright (Clean) (Single)Supergrass72.7pop rock11B1995★★★3*
Whoomp There It Is (Clean) (Extended)Tag Team129.4hip hop01B1993★★2*
Feel It (Clean) (Extended)Tamperer feat Maya125.0Dance02B1998★★★3*
Simarik (Clean) (Single)Tarkan97.1raï08A1999★★★★★5*
Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Clean) (Extended)Technotronic123.9dance05A1990★★★★4*
Move This (Clean) (Extended)Technotronic120.7dance06B1991★★2*
The Megamix (Clean) (Single)Technotronic123.6dance03A1990★★2*
This Beat Is Technotronic (Clean) (Single)Technotronic ft M.C. Eric124.0dance03A1990★★2*
Summer Son (Clean) (Single)Texas127.2pop04A1999★★★3*
Power Of Love (Clean) (Extended)Texture134.2dance11A1993★★2*
The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Clean) (Extended)The Bucketheads126.0Dance Classics06B1994★★★★4*
Zombie (Clean) (Single)The Cranberries82.9rock11B1994★★2*
Give It Up (Clean) (Extended)The Goodmen120.0Dance Classics12A★★2*
I Wanna Mmm...(Clean) (Single)The Lawyer134.790's02A1999★★★3*
Jump! (Clean) (Single)The Movement134.9dance07B1992★★★3*
Boom Boom Boom (Dirty) (Extended)The Outhere Brothers129.9dance10B1995★★★★4*
Wiggle Wiggle (Don't Stop) (Clean) (Extended)The Outhere Brothers130.0dance12B1994★★★★4*
La La La Hey Hey (OHB 12 Inch Mix) (Clean) (Extended) UnidiscThe Outhere Brothers132.0Dance Classics10B1994★★2*
No Good (Start The Dance) (Clean) (Extended)Prodigy72.5Dance Classics08B1997★★2*
I'll Be There For You (Clean) (Single)The Rembrandts95.3tv theme11B1995★★★3*
Unchained Melody (Clean) (Single)The Righteous Brothers103.0slow08B1990★★★★4*
Hammer To The Heart (Clean) (Single)The Tamperer ft Maya131.0Dance Classics10B1999★★2*
Coeur Sacre (Clean) (Single)Thierry Amiel117.4pop fr05A1996★★★
Aller Plus Haut (Clean) (Single)Tina Arena83.9French07A1999★★★
Oye Como Va (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Single)Tito Puente Jr132.0Latin03B1995★★★
Crash (Clean) (Extended)TKA123.2Freestyle03B1990★★2*
La Cucamarcha (Clean) (Single)TNN137.1Dance12B1994★★★★4*
Sex Bomb (Clean) (Extended)Tom Jones & Mousse T123.0House01A1999★★★3*
Viens (Clean Single)Tonton David84.0Hip Hop01B1999★★★★4*
Tarzan & Jane (Clean) (Extended)Toy-Box70.6bublegum dance03B1998★★2*
Sex On The Beach (Dirty) (Single)T-Spoon100.1dance07B1997★★★3*
Slave To The Music (Clean) (Extended)Twenty 4 Seven131.1Dance01B1993★★2*
I Can't Stand It (Clean) (Extended)Twenty 4 Seven ft Captain Hollywood122.8Dance05B1990★★2*
Everybody Gonfi-Gon (Clean) (Single)Two Cowboys135.4Dance Classics09B1994★★★★4*
Open Your Mind (Clean) (Single)U.S.U.R.A.131.0house06A1992★★★3*
One (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)U290.6Rock08B1992★★★
Love Sees No Colour (Eurodance Remix) (Clean) (Extended)U96133.0Dance Classics07B1993★★2*
Can't Help Falling In Love (Clean) (Extended)UB4086.190's10B1993★★★
Free (Clean) (Extended)Ultra Nate125.0House04A★★★3*
Cry India (Clean) (Extended)Umboza129.6dance india04B1995★★★★4*
Born Slippy (Nuxx) (Clean) (Extended)Underworld70.0Dance Classics10B1995★★★3*
The Key The Secret (Clean) (Extended)Urban Cookie Collective129.9Dance Classics07B1993★★★★4*
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (Clean) (Single)Urge Overkill113.790's06A1994★★
Ice Ice Baby (Clean) (Extended)Vanilla Ice115.7hip hop07A1990★★★★4*
ESPN Presents The Jock Jam (Clean) (Single)Various Artists125.8megamix08A19981*
Nah Neh Nah (Clean) (Single)Vaya Con Dios112.4dance12A1990★★★3*
These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Clean) (Single)Velvet 9984.390's04B1999★★2*
Boom Boom Boom (Clean) (Extended)Venga Boys138.5Dance03A1999★★★★★5*
Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) (Clean) (Extended)Venga Boys138.1dance07A1999★★★★4*
To Brazil (Clean) (Single)Vengaboys137.0Dance Classics10A1997★★★3*
Up & Down (Clean) (Extended)Venga Boys136.1Dance12A1999★★★★4*
We Like To Party (Clean) (Extended)Venga Boys136.0Dance11B1999★★★★4*
King Of My Castle (Original 12 Inch Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Wamdue Project125.0Dance Classics02A1999★★★★4*
Phatt Bass (Clean) (Extended)Warp Brothers Vs Aquagen137.0techno04B★★★★4*
Alane (Clean) (Single)Wes122.1dance05B1998★★★★★5*
Another Day (Clean) (Extended)Whigfield133.4Dance06B1994★★★3*
Saturday Night (Clean) (Extended)Whigfield130.0Dance01B1995★★★★★5*
When I Think Of You (Clean) (Extended)Whigfield127.6Dance03A1996★★2*
I Have Nothing (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Whitney Houston102.0slow07A1993★★
I Will Always Love You (Clean) (Single)Whitney Houston133.9slow11A1992★★★★4*
Men In Black (Clean) (Extended)Will Smith107.6tv theme04B1997★★★3*
Miami (Clean) (Extended)Will Smith108.2hip hop11B1998★★★3*
Barber's Adagio For Strings (Clean) (Single)William Orbit135.1techno04B1999★★2*
Don't Laugh (Clean) (Extended)Winx127.9House06A★★★★4*
Tomber La Chemise (Clean) (Single)Zebda133.0pop fr06B1999★★★★4*
Celebrate (The Love) (Clean) (Extended)Zhi-Vago135.0Dance Classics12A1996★★★3*
Un Million D'Annees (Clean) (Single)Niagara104.1French09A1992