TitreArtisteAlbumBpmGenreCléAnnéeNotationUser 1Commentaire
Babycakes (Clean) (Single)3 Of A Kind138.2dance08B2004★★★3*
Baila (Sexy Thing) (Clean) (Single)Zucchero120.000's06A2001★★★★4*
Kernkraft 400 (Live Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Zombie Nation140.0House01A2000★★★★4*
Decale Gwada (Clean) (Single)Jessy Matador125.1French11A2008
Oui (Clean) (Single)In-Grid130.1French08A2006
Je Vous Aime Adieu (Clean) (Single)Helene Segara87.0French12B2007
Une Seule Vie (Marcher Dans Le Sable) (Clean) (Single)Gerald De Palmas101.0French08B2001
Match Nul (Clean) (Single)Eloquence & Kayliah97.0French07B2003
Jeune Demoiselle (Clean) (Single)Diam's98.5French02A2006
On S'Attache (Clean) (Single)Christophe Mae100.1French05B2007
Le Casse De Brice (Clean) (Single)Brice De Nice108.8French05B2005
Stach Stach (Clean) (Single)Bratisla Boys160.1French11B2002★★★★★
Nouveau Francais (Clean) (Single)Amel Bent124.1French08B2006
Ne Retiens Pas Tes Larmes (Clean) (Single)Amel Bent90.1French06A2005
Le Frunkp (Clean) (Single)Alphonse Brown110.1French07A2002
Le Frunkp (Clean) (Extended)Alphonse Brown110.1French07A2002
Un Gaou A Oran (Clean) (Single)113 ft Magic System & Mohamed Lamine128.1French03A2004
Marginal (Dirty) (Single)113113.9French01A2005
Au Summum (Clean) (Single)113108.1French08B2003
Au Summum (Clean) (Extended)113108.1French08B2003
Mon Eldorado (Du Soleil) (Clean) (Single)Yannick Noah95.1French12A2003
Le Mur Du Son (Clean) (Single)Willy Denzey103.1French06A2003
Aimer Jusqu'a L'Impossible (Clean) (Single)Tina Arena97.0French10A2005
A La Faveur De L'Automne (Clean) (Single)Tete71.1French09A2003
Il Avait Les Mots (Clean) (Single)Sheryfa Luna86.1French03A2007
Il Est Interdit (Clean) (Single)Shanna130.0French11A2007
Il Est Interdit (Clean) (Extended)Shanna130.0French11A2007
Mon Amant De Saint-Jean (Clean) (Single)Patrick Bruel97.7French07A2002
J'Traine Des Pieds (Clean) (Single)Olivia Ruiz104.1French10A2005
Le Vent Nous Portera (Clean) (Single)Noir Desir105.4French09A2001
Tchiki Boum (Clean) (Single)Niagara121.8French04A2002
R&B 2 Rue (Clean) (Single)Matt Houston108.0French03A2001
Je Ne Veux Qu'Elle (Clean) (Single)Marc Lavoine & Claire Keim92.9French08B2002
Tant Besoin De Toi (Clean) (Single)Marc Antoine82.0French11A2008
Je Vais Vite (Clean) (Single)Lorie130.0French12A2007
Sobri (Notre Destin) (Clean) (Single)Leslie & Amine111.0French06B2004
Plantation (Clean) (Single)Kana77.0French07B2003
Oualalaradime (Clean) (Single)Zebda114.1rai11B2000★★
Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up) (Clean) (Extended)Yves Larock128.0House05A2007★★★★★5*
Rise Up (Vandalism Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Yves Larock128.0House12A2007★★
Rise Up (Clean) (Extended)Yves Larock128.0House07A2007★★★★★5*
Jean-Louis (Clean Single)Yves Jamait132.0Top 4010A2006
ET MA GUITARE S'APPELLE REVIENS MI CAFE (Clean Single)Yvan Le Bolloc'h112.0Top 4009A2006★★
On The Beach (Clean) (Single)York137.9Dance Classics04A2000★★★★4*
You're Free (Clean) (Single)Yomanda138.2Dance Classics04B2003★★
Je Veux Te Voir (Clean) (Single)Yelle126.9Abstract11B2006★★★3*
Ce Jeu (Clean) (Single)Yelle108.5French02B2008★★
A Cause Des Garcons (Tepr Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Yelle128.0Dance Classics07A2007★★★★4*
A Cause Des Garcons (Clean) (Single)Yelle125.9French10B2007★★★3*
Donne moi une vie (Clean Single)Yannick Noah90.0Top 4011A2006★★★
Ce Soirees-La (Clean) (Single)Yannick104.9French08B2000★★★★★5*
Te Suelto El Pelo (Clean) (Extended)Yandel95.0Latin02B2005★★
New Soul (Clean) (Single)Yael Naim100.0pop08B2007★★★3*
X (Clean) (Extended)Xzibit ft Snoop Dogg96.9Hip Hop/R&B08A2000★★★3*
White Horse [Dirty] [DTV Extended]Wonderland AvenueSingle127.0Dance07A2005★★★★4*
Noche De Sexo (Clean) (Extended)Wisin Y Yandel ft Aventura94.0Latin10B2005★★★3*
Rakata [Xtendz] - CleanWisin Y YandelMas Flow 296.0Reggaeton04B2005★★★★4*
Pam Pam (Clean) (Single)Wisin Y Yandel95.0Latin06A2006★★2*
Llame Pa'Verte (Clean) (Extended)Wisin Y Yandel95.0Latin05A2007★★2*
Ahora Es [Xtendz] - CleanWisin Y YandelLos Extraterrestres96.0raggaeton10A2007★★2*
Ahora (Clean) (Extended)Wisin Y Yandel96.0Latin10A2006★★2*
Noche De Entierro (Clean) (Extended)Wisin & Yandel ft Daddy Yankee. Hector El Father, Luny Tunes, Tainy & Zion97.0Latin08A2007★★
Rayon De Soleil (Clean) (Single)William Balde72.6French10B2008★★★★4*
I Got It From My Mama (Clean) (Extended)Will.I.Am119.000's07B2007★★★3*
Shiny Disco Balls (Clean) (Extended)Who Da Funk feat Jessica Eve128.0House04B★★★★
Shiny Disco Balls [Xtendz] - CleanWho Da Funk128.0Old School / Classics04B2002★★★pure house
Love To Infinity Megamix (Clean) (Single)Whitney Houston128.100's03A2002★★2*
Sexy Eyes (Clean) (Extended)Whigfield131.5Dance Classics02B2005★★2*
White & Nerdy (Clean) (Extended)Weird Al Yankovic71.5Comedy02A2006★★2*
Island In The Sun (Clean) (Extended)Weezer114.600's10B2001★★★3*
Phatt Bass (Clean) (Extended) - Euro Happy HardWarp Brothers Vs Aquagen137.0House04B2000★★★★★5*
Blade 2005 (Clean) (Extended)Warp Brothers ft Red Monkey134.0Dance Classics01A2005★★2*
We Will Survive (Clean) (Extended)Warp Brothers136.0Dance Classics01A2001★★2*
Blood Is Pumping [Single] - CleanVoodoo SeranoBack For More137.608B2005★★★2*
Blood Is Pumping (Clean) (Extended)Voodoo & Serano137.1Dance Classics07B2001★★2*
Wacky Dip (Clean) (Extended)Voicemail125.0Reggae/Soca07B2007★★2*
Just Dance (Clean) (Extended)Voicemail125.0Reggae/Soca08B2007★★
One Night In Bangkok (XXX) (Dirty) (Extended)Vinylshakerz130.0House08A2005★★2*
One Night In Bangkok (XXX) (Dirty) (Extended)Vinylshakerz130.0House08A2005★★
Club Tropicana (Clean) (Extended)Vinylshakerz128.0House02B2005★★2*
Shalala Lala [DTV Extended]VengaboysThe Platinum Album124.0Top 4010B2000★★★3*
Shalala Lala (Clean) (Extended)Vengaboys124.1Dance Classics10B2000★★★3*
Commando (Clean) (Single)Vanessa Paradis98.2French06A2000★★★3*
A Thousand Miles (Clean) (Single)Vanessa Carlton95.000's02A2001★★★3*
Yeah [Xtendz] - CleanUsher ft Lil Jon n Ludacris105.0Old School / Classics09A2004★★★★4*
Slowjams Megamix (Clean) (Extended)Usher61.0Slow Jams03A2004★★2*
Summer Jam 2003 (Clean) (Single)Underdog Project130.000's10B2003★★★★4*
Vertigo (Clean) (Single)U2139.6Alternative11B2004★★★
Désolé Pour Hier Soir (Clean Single)Tryo104.4Top 4006A2006decone
AddictiveTruth Hurts Ft Rakimwww.my12inch.com99.4R&B10A2009★★★
Addictive (Clean) (Extended)Truth Hurts ft Rakim99.5Hip Hop/R&B10A2002★★★3*
It's A Heartache (Clean) (Single)Trick Pony120.0Country09A2005★★
Hey Girl (Clean Single)Tribal King112.0Top 4005B2006★★
Façon sex (Clean Single)Tribal King120.0Top 4005A2006★★★★★
Gata Fiera (Clean) (Extended)Trebol Clan95.0Reggae02A2004★★2*
Gata Fiera (Clean) (Extended)Trebol Clan95.0Reggaeton02A2004★★2*
Lost In Love (Clean) (Extended)Trance Allstars142.4Dance Classics07B2002★★★3*
Hey Oh (Remastered) (Clean Single)Tragedie95.0R 'n' B12A2003★★★★
Hey DJ (Play That Song) (Clean) (Extended)Tony Touch ft. Nina Sky95.0Reggaeton08A2005★★2*
Loneliness (Clean) (Extended)Tomcraft132.0Dance Classics03B2007★★★3*
Philosophy (Clean) (Extended)Tom Snare130.8Dance Classics12B2007★★★3*
Your Body (Clean) (Extended)Tom Novy ft Michael Marshall127.9Dance Classics07A2005★★★★4*
Perdono (French Version) (Clean) (Single)Tiziano Ferro95.2French11A2001★★★3*
Aimer Jusqu'a L'Impossible (Clean Single)Tina Arena97.0Top 4010A2005★★
Way I Are (Timbaland Timbo Break Mix) (Give it To Me) - DirtyTimbaland vs. Fatman Scoopa:Rock It! Scientists v:Smash Vidz114.7Party Break02B2007★★★3*
Apologize (Clean) (Extended)Timbaland ft OneRepublic59.0Slow Jams06B2007★★2*
Give It To Me [Xtendz] - DirtyTimbaland ft Nelly Furtado n Justin TimberlakeShock Value110.601A2007★★2*
The Way I Are (Clean) (Extended)Timbaland ft Keri Hilson D.O.E. & Sebastian114.7Urban Classics02B2007★★★★4*
The Way I Are [Xtendz] - DirtyTimbaland ft Keri Hilson n D.O.E.Shock Value114.7rnb02B2007★★★★4*
Indian Flute (Clean) (Extended)Timbaland & Magoo87.9Urban Classics09B2003★★
It Just Won't Do (Clean) (Extended)Tim Deluxe ft Sam Obernik130.0Dance Classics06A2002★★★★
Same Man (Clean) (Single)Till West & DJ Delicious125.6House02A2006★★★3*
Just Be (Clean) (Extended)Tiesto ft Kirsty Hawkshaw135.0Trance08A2004★★2*
Traffic (Clean) (Extended)Tiesto137.9Trance07B2003★★2*
Lethal Industry (Richard Durant Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Tiesto136.6Dance Classics03A2007★★2*
Lethal Industry (Clean) (Extended)Tiesto135.1techno trance11B2002★★★★4*
Flight 643 (Clean) (Extended)Tiesto137.0Dance Classics07B2000★★★3*
Elements Of Life (Clean) (Extended)Tiesto136.0Dance Classics02A2007★★★
Adagio For Strings (Clean) (Extended)Tiesto140.0Techno07A2004★★★★4*
Boss Of Me (Clean) (Single)They Might Be Giants100.8Alternative/Rock09A2000★★★3*
Saturday Night (DJ F.R.A.N.K.S.'s Extended Version)The Underdog ProjectSaturday Night / Winter Jam133.008A2006★★★★4*
Seven Nation Army [Xtendz] - CleanThe White StripesElephant122.9Rock09A2003★★★3*
Fiesta (Clean) (Single)The Sunclub133.0Dance Classics09A2007★★★★4*
Reboot (2005) (Clean) (Single)The Stickmen128.0Dance Classics04B2005
House Of Jealous Lovers (Clean) (Extended)The Rapture130.1Alternative/Rock04A2002★★
Dont Cha [Xtendz] - CleanThe Pussycat Dolls ft Busta RhymesI Dont Need A Man120.0Hip Hop12B2005★★★★4*
Somebody Told Me (Clean) (Single)The Killers138.0Alternative03A2004★★★3*
Mr Brightside (Clean) (Single)The Killers147.9Alternative03B2005★★2*
Bones (Clean) (Single)The Killers139.5Alternative/Rock12B2006★★
The Creeps (Get On The Dancefloor) (Clean) (Extended)The Freaks129.1Dance Classics09A2007★★2*
Walking Away (Clean) (Extended)The Egg127.0House03A2005★★★3*
The Drill (Clean) (Extended)The Drill128.1House08B★★★3*
Breathless (Clean) (Single)The Corrs127.000's01B2000★★★3*
Wherever You Will Go (Clean) (Single)The Calling112.0Alternative/Rock10B2002★★2*
Warp 1.9 [Xtendz] - CleanThe Bloody Beetroots ft Steve Aoki130.0Dance / Club12A2009★★★★4*
I Don't Want A Lover (Clean) (Single)Texas120.500's10B2001★★★3*
Breathe (Clean) (Extended)Telepopmusik124.0Dance Classics04A2001★★★3*
Cobrastyle (Clean) (Single)Teddybears88.4Reggae07A2004★★★★
La trilogie (Chapter 3) (Clean Single)Tandem94.3Hip Hop01B2006★★
La trilogie (Chapter 2) (Clean Single)Tandem94.0Hip Hop08A2006★★
La trilogie (Chapter 1) (Clean Single)Tandem88.0Hip Hop09B2006★★
Arrab Habibi (Clean Single)Tamer Hosny103.0Arabic09B2005★★
Break Your Heart [Xtendz] - CleanTaio Cruz ft LudacrisRokstarr122.105B2009★★★3*
Dynamite [Xtendz] - CleanTaio CruzRokstarr120.011B2009★★★★4*
All The Things She Said (Clean) (Single)T.A.T.U.90.000's04A2002★★★3*
All About Us (Clean) (Single)T.A.T.U.81.100's06A2005★★★3*
Chop Suey (Clean) (Single)System Of A Down126.2Rock06A2001★★
The Beauty Of Silence (Clean) (Extended)Svenson & Gielen140.0Dance Classics10A2000★★2*
Ma Benz (Clean) (Extended)Suprême NTM ft Lord Kossity91.1French05B2007★★★★4*
Tell Me Why (Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Supermode128.0Dance Classics10A2006★★★3*
Tell Me Why (Clean) (Extended)Supermode129.0Dance Classics10A2006★★★3*
Starlight (Clean) (Single)Superman Lovers ft Mani Hoffman127.500's07B2001★★★★4*
Lucky Star (Clean) (Extended)Superfunk125.9Dance Classics06B2000★★★★4*
Butterfly (Clean Single)Superbus120.0Alternative08A2006★★
Apprends-Moi (Clean) (Single)Superbus125.1French08A2009★★★
Addictions (Clean) (Single)Superbus128.1French01A2009★★
Let's Get Down (Clean) (Single)Supafly vs Fishbowl125.9House10B2004★★2*
Moving Too Fast (Clean) (Extended)Supafly Inc128.1House05A2006★★2*
Falling Stars (Clean) (Extended)Sunset Strippers125.0House05A2005
Counting Down The Days (Axwell Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Sunfreakz ft Andrea Britton128.0Dance Classics05A2007★★★★4*
Baby Baby (XXX) (Clean) (Extended)Sunblock ft Sandy128.0Dance Classics10B2007★★2*
I'll Be Ready (Clean) (Extended)Sunblock128.1Dance Classics07A2006★★2*
Remember (Na Na Na Hey Hey) (Clean) (Single)Summer Love138.0Dance Classics06B2002★★2*
Still Waiting (Clean) (Single)Sum 4196.0Alternative/Rock09A2002★★2*
In Too Deep (Clean) (Single)Sum 41116.1Alternative/Rock12B2001★★★3*
Fat Lip (Dirty) (Single)Sum 4198.1Alternative/Rock12B2001★★2*
Sweet Soca Music (Clean) (Single)Sugar Daddy90.0Reggae/Soca12B2003★★★
Im In The House [Xtendz] - DirtySteve Aoki ft Zuper Blahq133.008B2009★★★★4*
Show Me Love [Club] - CleanSteve Angello n Laidback Luke ft Robin S.130.0Dance / Club08A2009★★★★3*
Tragedy (Clean) (Single)Steps125.100's10A2000★★2*
Don't Go (Clean) (Extended)Starting Rock ft Diva Avari130.0House03B2006★★★★4*
Keep On Moving 2006 (Clean) (Single)Starstylers ft Michy135.0Dance Classics06A2006★★★★4*
Travel Time (Clean) (Single)Starsplash144.0Dance02A2003★★2*
Four To The Floor (Thin White Duke Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Starsailor122.6Dance Classics12A2004★★★3*
Paris Latino (Clean) (Extended)Star Academy 2114.0French10A2002★★★3*
Balare (Clean) (Extended)SQ-1138.1German Dance07B2002★★
Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Clean) (Extended)Spiller ft Sophie Ellis Bextor123.0Dance Classics08A2000★★★★4*
Megamix (Clean) (Extended)Spice Girls118.000's09A2007Megamix Transitions From 118 BPM To 128 BPM
Sientelo (Clean) (Single) - ExtendedSpeedy feat Lumidee106.9Reggaeton01B2005★★★3*
You (Clean) (Extended)Special D144.1Dance10B2004★★
To The Club (Clean) (Extended)Spankox129.2House12B2004★★★
Can't Get Enough [Club] - HD - CleanSoulsearcher128.1Old School / Classics01A2009★★★★4*
Crank That (Crunk) [Xtendz] - CleanSoulja BoySouljaboytellem.com70.0Hip Hop09B2007★★★★3*
Crank That (Soulja Boy) (Clean) (Extended)Soulja Boy70.009B★★★3*
Moi J'ai Pas (Clean Single)Soprano and Blacko92.0Hip Hop fr04A2006★★★
Music Gets The Best Of Me (Flip & Fill Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Sophie Ellis Bexter141.4Dance Classics02B2002★★
Murder On The Dancefloor (Clean) (Extended)Sophie Ellis Bextor117.200's01B2002★★★3*
Get Over You (Clean) (Single)Sophie Ellis Bexter122.100's09B2001★★2*
Keep Control (Clean) (Extended)Sono129.9House10A2000★★★★4*
This Is How We Do It (Clean) (Extended)Solid Base138.1Dance Classics06B2000★★★★4*
Cha Cha Slide (Clean) (Single)Soca Girlz134.1Dance Classics01A2004★★★
Drop It Like It's Hot (Dirty) (Extended)Snoop Dogg ft Pharrell92.1Hip Hop/R&B03B2004★★2*
Undercova Funk (Give Up The Funk) (Clean) (Single)Snoop Dogg ft Mr Kane, Bootsy Collins, Quaze & Fred Wesley104.0Urban Classics11B2002★★2*
Signs [Xtendz] - qHD - DirtySnoop Dogg ft Charlie Wilson n Justin Timberlake113.0Old School / Classics08A2005★★★3*
The Power Of Bhangra (Clean) (Single)Snap109.100's12B2003★★2*
Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (Clean) (Extended)Snap!138.1techno08B2003★★★3*
At The Club (Clean) (Extended)SM Trax133.0Dance Classics09A2000★★★3*
Before I Forget (Clean) (Single)Slipknot134.7Alternative/Rock12A2005★★2*
La Derniere Danse (Ne Rentre Pas Chez Toi Ce Soir) (Clean) (Single)Slai88.1raggaeton09B2004★★★★4*
Flamme (Clean) (Single)Slai87.1zouk03B2004★★★★★5*
Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde (Clean) (Single)Sinsemilia100.0French08A2004★★★3*
Ne dis jamais (Clean Single)Sinik95.0Urban12B2006★★★
La cité des anges (Clean Single)Sinik81.0Hip Hop04B2006★★
Sunrise (Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Simply Red110.000's05A2003★★★3*
Sunrise (Clean) (Single)Simply Red106.000's06B2003★★★3*
Welcome To My Life (Clean) (Single)Simple Plan86.7Alternative/Rcok03B2005★★★3*
Shut Up (Clean) (Single)Simple Plan165.0Alternative/Rock03B2004★★★3*
Right On (Clean) (Single)Silicone Soul125.0Dance Classics04B2001★★★3*
Shut Up And Let It Go (Clean) (Extended)Sidney Samson128.1House06B★★★3*
Victoire (Clean) (Single)Shy'm95.1French02A2006★★★★4*
La Premiere Fois (Clean) (Single)Shy'm115.1French10B2008★★★3*
Femme De Couleur (Clean Single)Shy'm90.0Urban fr02A2006★★★
Gimme Gimme Gimme (Clean) (Extended)Shauna Vanguarde130.1House07A2004★★★3*
The Power (Clean) (Extended)Shaun Baker ft Maloy140.1Dance Classics10B2007★★★
The One (Clean) (Extended)Sharam ft Daniel Bedingfield128.1Dance Classics05A2008★★★3*
Lola's Theme (Clean) (Extended)Shapeshifters124.0House06A2004★★★3*
Back To Basics (Clean) (Extended)Shapeshifters124.1Dance Classics07A2005★★2*
Dancing Queen (Clean) (Single)Shana Vanguarde133.1Dance05A2005★★
Hips Don't Lie (Moombahton Re-Drum) [DMS] - CleanShakira ft Wyclef JeanScooter100.0Moombah03A2006★★★★4*
La Tortura (Clean) (Single)Shakira ft Alejandro Sanz103.7Latin03B2005★★★3*
Whenever, Wherever (Clean) (Single)Shakira107.712A2002★★★★4*
Underneath Your Clothes (Clean) (Single)Shakira82.7Latin04B2001★★2*
She Wolf (Loba) (MMP Intro) (English)Shakira122.0Top 4010A2009★★★3*
Objection (Tango) (Clean) (Single)Shakira179.500's10A2002★★2*
Hips Don't Lie (Clean) (Single)Shakira feat Wyclef Jean100.0R&B03A2005version redrum
Hips Don't Lie (AZ2A Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Shakira124.0Dance Classics07A2006★★2*
Feel The Rush (Clean) (Extended)Shaggy ft Flix and Trix124.0House12A2008★★★★4*
Luv Me Luv Me (Clean) (Extended)Shaggy ft Samantha Cole97.7Urban Classics12B2000★★★★4*
It Wasn't Me [Xtendz] - qHD - DirtyShaggy ft Ricardo Ducent94.7Old School / Classics08B2000★★★★★5*
Luv Me Luv Me (Clean) (Extended)Shaggy ft Janet Jackson96.9Urban Classics12B2000★★★3*
Hey Sexy Lady (Clean) (Extended)Shaggy ft Brian & Tony Gold101.801A2002★★★★★5*
What's Love (Clean) (Extended)Shaggy ft Akon105.0Reggae/Soca08A2007★★★3*
Like This Like That (Clean) (Extended)SeSa ft Sharon Phillips127.8House05B2007★★★3*
Mas Que Nada (Clean) (Extended)Sergio Mendes ft The Black Eyed Peas100.0hip hop04A2006★★★3*
Cry For You (Spencer & Hill Remix) (Clean) (Extended)September130.0Dance Classics12B2007★★remix
Cry For You (Clean) (Extended)September130.0House12B2007★★★★4*
I'm Still In Love With You [Xtendz] - HD - CleanSean Paul ft Sasha86.9Old School / Classics10B2002★★2*
Break It Off (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Extended)Sean Paul ft Rihanna134.0Reggae/Soca06B2006★★★3*
Give It Up To Me (Remix) [Xtendz] - HD - CleanSean Paul ft Keyshia Cole96.0Old School / Classics05A2006★★★3*
We Be Burnin' [Xtendz] - HD - CleanSean Paul117.0Old School / Classics02A2005★★★3*
Temperature (Clean) (Extended)Sean Paul125.0Reggae06B2005★★★★4*
So Fine [Xtendz] - CleanSean Paul137.0Old School / Classics03A2009★★2*
Like Glue (Clean) (Extended)Sean Paul97.8Reggae02B2003★★2*
Gimme The Light [Xtendz] - CleanSean PaulDutty Rock106.8Dancehall10B2002★★2*
Get Busy (Clean) (Extended)Sean Paul100.2Reggae04A2003★★★3*
Ever Blazin' (Clean) (Extended)Sean Paul103.9Dancehall07A2005★★★3*
Me Love (Clean) (Extended)Sean Kingston90.0Hip Hop/R&B04B2007★★2*
Beautiful Girls (Clean) (Extended)Sean Kingston64.9Hip Hop/R&B12A2007★★★★4*
Beautiful Girls (Christmas Verion) (Clean) (Single)Sean Kingston130.0Christmas12A2007★★2*
Weekend (XXX) (Clean) (Extended)Scooter143.6Dance Classics05B2003★★2*
The Question Is What Is The Question (Clean) (Extended)Scooter142.0techno jumpstyle09B2007★★2*
The Night (XXX) (Clean) (Extended)Scooter143.0Dance Classics03A2003★★
Suavemente (Clean) (Extended)Scooter140.0Dance Classics11B2005★★2*
Shake That (XXX) (Clean) (Extended)Scooter130.1Dance Classics07B2004★★★
Ramp! (The Logical Song) (Clean) (Extended)Scooter144.0Dance07A2001★★★3*
Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (Dirty) (Extended)Scooter139.6Dance Classics01A2002★★2*
One (Always Hardcore) (Clean) (Extended)Scooter144.1Dance11B2004★★2*
Move Your Ass (Clean) (Single)Scooter160.9Dance Classics08B2003★★★3*
Maria (I Like It Loud) (Clean) (Extended)Scooter143.0Techno04B★★★3*
Jumping All Over The World (Clean) (Extended)Scooter150.2techno jumpstyle10A2007★★★3*
Jigga Jigga (Clean) (Single)Scooter143.0Dance Classics03A2003★★2*
Hello (Good To Be Back) (Clean) (Single)Scooter144.0House07A2005★★2*
Behind The Cow (Clean) (Single)Scooter140.1Dance Classics03A2007★★2*
Back In The U.K. (Clean) (Single)Scooter180.0Dance Classics08A2003★★2*
Apache Rocks The Bottom (Clean) (Extended)Scooter144.6House05A2005★★2*
And No Matches (Clean) (Extended)Scooter145.0techno jumpstyle10A2007★★2*
Filthy Gorgeous (Clean) (Extended)Scissor Sisters132.000's04A2004★★★3*
Das Kleine Krokodil (Clean) (Single)Schnappi130.1German Pop09B2004★★★3*
Scatman (skatman) (Clean) (Single)Scatman John136.190's05B2005★★★★★5*
Tourner Des Pages (Clean) (Single)Saya & Passi94.1French03A2002★★
Raindrops (Encore Un Fois) (Clean) (Extended)Sash! ft Stunt70.1Dance Classics11A2008★★★3*
With My Own Eyes (Clean) (Extended)Sash!136.0Dance Classics12B2000★★★3*
Ganbareh (Clean) (Single)Sash!138.1Dance Classics10A2002★★2*
Sexual Healing (Clean) (Single)Sarah Connor ft Ne-Yo95.100's05B2007★★★
Bounce (Clean) (Single)Sarah Connor96.000's12A2004★★
I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) (Clean) (Single)Sandi Thom108.000's12B2006★★★3*
La Patte (Clean Single)Saian Super Crew94.0Top 4006A2006★★
Angela (Extended)Saian Supa Crew88.0Zouk02A2000★★★★★5*
Sweet Freedom (Clean) (Extended)Safri Duo ft Michael McDonald130.1Dance Classics07B2002★★★
Samb-Adagio (Clean) (Extended)Safri Duo138.008B2001★★★3*
Played Alive (The Bongo Song) (Clean) (Extended)Safri Duo138.0House12B2001★★★★4*
Sauver Cette Etoile (Clean) (Single)Saez98.0rock fr09A2000★★★
I Like To Move It (Clean) (Single)Sacha Baron Cohen129.9Kids07B2005★★2*
Tempted To Touch (Reggaeton Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Rupee ft Daddy Yankee106.0Reggae09B2004★★★3*
Tempted To Touch (Clean) (Extended)Rupee105.9Dancehall09B2003★★★★4*
Jump (Xtendamix Lyric Video) (Clean) (Extended)Rupee155.0Reggae/Soca08B2001★★2*
Touch Me (Clean) (Single)Rui Da Silva feat Cassandra128.1House09A2000★★★★4*
Self Control (Clean) (Extended)Royal Gigolos130.0House11B2005★★2*
California Dreamin' (Clean) (Extended)Royal Gigolos130.0Dance Classics01B2004★★★★4*
Opportunity Nox (Clean) (Single)Roxette134.2pop rock10B2003★★★
Make Luv (Clean) (Extended)Room 5 ft Oliver Cheatham124.9Dance Classics08B2003★★★★★5*
Aimer (Clean) (Single)Romeo Et Juliette90.0French06A2000★★★3*
Geht’s Noch (XXX) (Clean) (Single)Roman Flugel122.0Dance Classics01A2004★★★3*
Geht’s Noch (XXX) (Clean) (Extended)Roman Flugel122.0Dance Classics01A2004★★★3*
Turn On The Music (Clean) (Extended)Roger Sanchez129.0House11B2005★★2*
Une Femme (Clean Single)Roch Voisine132.0Top 4008A2006★★★
Tripping (Clean) (Single)Robbie Williams118.100's07A2005★★★3*
Supreme (Clean) (Single)Robbie Williams96.300's07A2000★★
Rock DJ (Clean) (Single)Robbie Williams103.100's10B2000★★★3*
Lovelight (Clean) (Single)Robbie Williams102.100's04B2006★★2*
Feel (Clean) (Single)Robbie Williams98.100's07B2003★★★3*
Bang (Clean) (Extended)Robbie Rivera ft Rhythm Bangers130.1House07A2000★★★3*
Redemption 2.0 (Clean) (Extended)RMB145.0Dance Classics10A2002★★★
I Was Drunk [Xtendz] - CleanRiva Starr ft NozeIf Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade128.006A2009★★★3*
Calinda (Clean) (Extended)Ritmo-Dynamic126.0Latin07B2003★★★3*
Give It All (Clean) (Single)Rise Against103.1Alternative/Rock09A2004★★
Don't Stop The Music Vs Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Mashup) (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna Vs Michael Jackson121.400's10B2007★★★mash'up
Pon De Replay (Remix)Rihanna & Elephant ManReplay Riddim99.0Hip Hop02B2005★★2*
Umbrella (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna feat Jay-Z87.0R&B03A2008★★★3*
Unfaithful (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna72.000's05A2006★★★3*
Umbrella (Acoustic Version) (Clean) (Single)Rihanna81.0Urban Classics01B2007★★
Te Amo [Single] - CleanRihannaRated R86.001A2009★★★3*
Shut Up And Drive (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna133.000's02B2007★★★
S.O.S. (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna137.0Rhythmic / Top 4011B2006★★★★4*
Pon De Replay (Dancehall Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna105.0Reggae/Soca11A2005★★2*
Pon De Replay (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna99.1Urban Classics02B2005★★★★★5*
Don't Stop The Music [Xtendz] - CleanRihanna122.7Old School / Classics02B2007★★★★★5*
Don't Stop The Music (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna122.7Pop02B2007★★★★4*
Don't Stop The Music (Around The World Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Rihanna121.3Dance Classics12B2007★★★★4*
Disturbia [Xtendz] - CleanRihannaGood Girl Gone Bad125.0Dance10A2008★★★
I Don't Care (Clean) (Single)Ricky Martin ft Amerie & Fat Joe103.800's09A2005★★★3*
Juramento (Clean) (Single)Ricky Martin120.0Latin03A2003★★2*
I Like That [Xtendz] - CleanRichard Vission n Static Revenger ft Luciana129.0electro08A2009★★★3*
Manhattan Kaboul (Clean) (Single)Renaud105.3French08A2002★★★3*
Les Bobos (Clean Single)Renaud118.3pop fr06A2006★★★
La Lettre (Clean) (Single)Renan Luce130.1French04A2007★★★3*
Save Me (Clean) (Single)Remy Zero96.2Alternative/Rock01A2002★★★3*
No Superstar (Explicit Single)Remady P&R128.0Dance10A2009★★★★
The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Clean) (Single)Rednex138.1Dance Classics07A2000★★2*
Can't Stop (Clean) (Single)Red Hot Chili Peppers182.700's09A2002★★★★4*
Californication (Clean) (Single)Red Hot Chili Peppers96.7Alternative08A2000★★★★4*
By The Way (Clean) (Single)Red Hot Chili Peppers126.1Alternative/Rock08A2002★★★3*
America (Clean) (Single)Razorlight91.0Alternative/Rock10B2006★★2*
In The Shadows (Clean) (Single)Rasmus106.0Alternative/Rock11A2004★★★3*
Shengen (Clean Single)Raphael130.0Top 4006A2006★★
Et Dans 150 Ans (Clean Single)Raphael84.9Top 4007A2006★★★
Links 2 3 4 (Clean) (Single)Rammstein130.1German Rock12B2001★★★
Feuer Frei! (Clean) (Single)Rammstein95.0rock07A2001★★
Amerika (Clean) (Single)Rammstein125.0Alternative/Rock09B2004★★★3*
Igual Que Ayer (Clean) (Single)Rakim & Ken-Y94.0Latin03A2007★★
Open Book (Clean Single)Rakes85.0Alternative01A2006★★
C Cho ca brule (Clean Single)Rai 'n' B Fever 2128.0Top 4012A2006★★★★★
Angel Eyes (Clean) (Extended)Raghav95.1Urban Classics10B2005★★★
Renegades Of Funk (Clean) (Single)Rage Against The Machine123.8Alternative/Rock09B2000★★2*
Shine On (Clean) (Extended)R.I.O.128.1House06A2009★★★3*
Shine On (Clean Single)R.I.O.128.0Dance06A2008★★
Burn It Up [Xtendz] - CleanR. Kelly ft Wisin y YandelTP.3 Reloaded192.0Old School / Classics03A2005★★2*
Burn It Up (X-Mix) (Clean) (Extended)R Kelly ft Wisin Y Yandel96.0Reggae03A2005★★2*
Another One Bites the Dust (Clean) (Extended)Queen Vs The Miami Project125.0Dance Classics08A2006★★★★4*
Beep (Clean) (Extended)Pussycat Dolls ft Will.I.Am103.600's09B2005★★★3*
Buttons (Clean) (Extended)Pussycat Dolls ft Snoop Dogg105.4Urban Classics08A2006★★2*
Megamix (Clean) (Single)Pussycat Dolls68.500's09B2005megamix
I Hate This Part (Clean) (Extended)Pussycat Dolls111.600's07B2008★★★3*
I Don't Need A Man (Clean) (Extended)Pussycat Dolls106.000's07A2006★★2*
Buttons (No Rap) (Clean) (Extended)Pussycat Dolls105.400's08A2007★★2*
Bring The Noise (Pump-Kin Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi126.0Dance Classics03A2007★★★★4*
Bring The Noise (Pump-Kin Mix) (12 Inch Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi126.0Dance Classics03A2007★★2*
Operation Blade (Clean) (Extended)Public Domain140.0Dance Classics10A2000★★★★★5*
Bailando House Anthem [Remix]Various Artists vs Projekt Junkiesa:Projekt Junkies v:RobaTron128.004B20091A
Toujours Pas D'Amour (Clean) (Single)Priscilla110.1French03B2004★★2*
Rock The Discothek (Clean) (Single)Prezioso ft Marvin139.1Dance Classics10B2000★★★3*
Shined On Me (Clean) (Single)Praise Cats ft Andrea Love132.1Dance Classics04B2001★★★3*
Chase The Sun (Clean) (Extended)Planet Funk128.2House08A2000★★★★4*
Tik Tok [127-120]Kesha vs DJ Danny Diggza:DJ Danny Diggz v:RobaTron120.0Transition07A2009★★★3*
Bojangles Remix [Xtendz] - DirtyPitbull ft Ying Yang Twins n Lil Jon108.1Old School / Classics04A2006★★★
Bojangles (Remix) (Dirty) (Extended)Pitbull ft Lil' Jon & Ying Yang Twins108.1Hip Hop/R&B04A2006★★★3*
Culo (Clean) (Extended)Pitbull Ft Lil Jon120.0Hip Hop/R&B09B2004★★★★
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (MMP Intro)Pitbull127.1Hip-Hop11B2009★★★★4*
Get The Party Started (Sweet Dreams Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Pink ft Redman114.100's05A2001★★★★4*
Stupid Girls (Clean) (Single)Pink100.000's11A2006★★★3*
Just Like A Pill (Dirty) (Single)Pink102.000's11B2002★★★3*
Just Like A Pill (Al B Rich Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Pink126.0Dance07B2002★★remix dance
Get The Party Started (Clean) (Extended)Pink128.900's12B2001★★2*
Family Portrait (Clean) (Extended)Pink91.800's05A2003★★★3*
Emmène moi avec toi (Clean Single)Perle Lama86.0Top 4007A2006doublon
Aime-moi plus fort (Clean Single)Perle Lama85.0zouk love08A2006★★★
Suavamente (Clean) (Single)Paul Cless ft Brixx120.100's07B2005★★
Pour La Vie (Clean) (Single)Patrick Bruel98.0French10A2000★★★3*
1980 (Clean Single)Pascal Obispo and Melissa Mars127.0pop rock fr04A2006★★★★
Millesime (Clean) (Single)Pascal Obispo72.2French05B2001★★2*
Fan (Clean Single)Pascal Obispo120.0Top 4006A2003★★★3*
Xanadu (Clean) (Single)Party Animals167.2Dance Classics02A2003★★
I Want You (Clean) (Extended)Paris Avenue ft Robert One130.0Dance Classics12B2004★★★3*
Beware Remix [Xtendz] - CleanPanjabi MC ft Jay Z98.1Old School / Classics02A2004★★★1A
Mundian To Bach Ke (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Panjabi MC98.1Indian02A2003★★★WeMasters
Jogi (Clean) (Single)Panjabi MC105.0Urban Classics06B2003
Beware Of The Boys (Clean) (Extended)Panjabi MC98.0Hip Hop/R&B02A2003★★★3*
Living On Video (Clean) (Extended)Pakito131.0Dance06B2006★★★★4*
Are You Ready (Clean) (Single)Pakito134.0Dance Classics05A2007★★★
Are You Ready (Clean) (Extended)Pakito134.0Dance Classics05A2007★★★3*
Be Cool (Clean) (Extended)Paffendorf141.0Dance Classics04B2001★★
I Need A Girl [Xtendz] - DirtyP. Diddy ft Usher n LoonWe Invented The Remix178.602A2002★★2*
I Need A Girl (Clean) (Extended)P Diddy ft Loon & Usher89.3Hip Hop/R&B02A2001★★★3*
Dragostea Din Tei (Clean) (Single)O-Zone130.0Dance08A2004★★★★★5*
Hey Ya (Clean) (Extended)Outkast79.5Hip Hop/R&B09A2003★★★3*
No Tomorrow (Clean) (Single)Orson124.0Alternative/Rock02A2006★★★3*
You And Me (Clean) (Extended)Orion Too ft Caitlin140.0Dance Classics05A2000★★★3*
The Magic Key (Clean) (Extended)One-T ft Cool-T102.000's04A2003★★★★4*
Hocus Pocus (Clean Single)Omnium92.0hip hop fr06A2006★★
La femme chocolat (Clean Single)Olivia Ruiz118.1pop fr08B2006★★★
J'traine Des Pieds (Clean Single)Olivia Ruiz104.0pop fr10A2006★★★
Want You Bad (Clean) (Single)Offspring105.5Alternative/Rock12B2001★★2*
Satelite (Clean) (Single)Oceanlab140.0Trance08A2003★★★
Trop Peu De Temps (Clean) (Single)Nuttea78.3French01A2001★★
Elle te rend dingue (Clean Single)Nuttea74.5Reggae08A2000★★★
Elle Me Rend Dingue (Clean Single)Nuttea148.9Hip Hop10B2001★★★
NTM (Clean Single)NTM92.1rap fr04B2007★★★
Le Vent Nous Portera (Clean Single)Noir Désir105.3Top 4009A2002★★★
It's My Life (Clean) (Extended)No Doubt126.300's01A2003★★2*
Don't Mess With My Man (Clean) (Extended)Nivea ft Jagged Edge99.9Hip Hop/R&B11B2001★★★3*
Move Your Body (Norty Cotto Dance Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Nina Sky ft Jabba128.0Dance Classics11A2004★★★remix
Move Ya (Your) Body [Xtendz] - CleanNina Sky vs. Coolie Dance RiddimNina Sky121.0Dancehall10A2004★★★★4*
Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's House Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Nina Simone129.2Dance Classics11B2003★★
Insomnia (Clean) (Extended)Nightwatchers138.1Dance Classics01B2002★★★3*
Leader Of Men (Clean) (Single)Nickelback103.3Alternative/Rock09A2001★★
How You Remind Me (Clean) (Single)Nickelback86.0Alternative/Rock06B2001★★2*
So Sick (Clean) (Extended)Ne-Yo95.0Urban Classics03B2006★★★3*
Promiscuous [Xtendz] - CleanNelly Furtado ft TimbalandLoose115.0Rythmic / Top 4003A2006★★★3*
Say It Right (Clean) (Extended)Nelly Furtado117.000's03A2007★★★3*
Maneater [Xtendz] - CleanNelly FurtadoLoose132.8Rhythmic / Top 4003A2006★★★3*
Maneater (Clean) (Extended)Nelly Furtado132.600's03B2006★★2*
Dilemma (Clean) (Extended)Nelly feat Kelly Rowland84.0R&B08B2002★★★3*
Petites Iles (Clean) (Single)Neg'Marrons ft Cesaria Evora78.1French09A2008★★
C'est Pas Normal (Clean Single)Neg'Marrons88.0Hip Hop04A2008★★
Tout Le Monde Debout (Clean) (Single)Nèg' Marrons ft Mr Vegas99.8French02B2003★★★★★5*
Le Bilan (Clean) (Single)Neg' Marrons84.5reaggae fr01A2000★★★★★
Candy On The Dancefloor (Clean) (Single)Natural Born Grooves130.1Dance Classics06A2007★★★★4*
Un Ange Frappe A Ma Porte (Clean) (Single)Natasha St-Pier74.1French02A2006★★2*
Tu Trouveras (Clean) (Single)Natasha St-Pier144.0French02A2002★★★3*
Mourir Demain (Clean Single)Natasha St- Pier and Pascal Obispo137.0pop05B2004★★★
Gabriel (Clean Single)Najoua Belyzel119.6pop fr05A2006★★★
Et C'est Parti (Clean) (Extended)Nâdiya ft Smartzee98.0French03A2004★★★★4*
Si Loin De Vous (Clean) (Single)Nâdiya109.1French12A2004★★★★4*
Parle Moi (Clean) (Single)Nadiya96.1French04A2004★★★★4*
Amies-Ennemies (Clean) (Single)Nadiya103.1French12A2006★★★★4*
Oye Mi Canto [Xtendz] - DirtyN.O.R.E. ft. Nina SkyN.O.R.E. y la Familia...Ya Tu Sabe96.0Reggaeton03A2004★★★★4*
Doctor Pressure (Clean) (Single)Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine129.0Dance Classics09A2005★★★3*
In My Arms (Tocadisco Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Mylo128.0House05A2005★★2*
Drop The Pressure (Dirty) (Extended)Mylo129.100's09A2004★★★3*
New Years Dub (Clean) (Extended)Musique Vs U2132.0Dance Classics03B2001★★★
Starlight (Clean) (Single)Muse121.5Alternative/Rock01B2006★★★3*
Pull Up (Clean) (Extended)Mr Vegas120.0Reggae/Soca01B2004★★★★4*
Cha-Cha Slide (Clean) (Single)Mr C The Slide Man122.0Old School / Classics07B2000★★★★4*
Cha Cha Slide Part II (Roll Like Dis) (Clean) (Single)Mr C120.000's11B2007★★★★
Wild Side (Clean) (Single)Motley Crue115.1Alternative/Rock09B2003★★
Dove (Clean) (Extended)Moony127.0Dance Classics10A2002★★2*
C'est Dans La Joie (Clean Single)Mokobe feat. Patson127.0Top 4007B2007★★★★
Lady (Clean) (Extended)Modjo126.1House04B2001★★★★4*
Juliet (Clean) (Single)Modern Talking127.000's06B2002★★★3*
Natural Blues (Clean) (Single)Moby108.000's03A2000★★★3*
Lift Me Up (Clean) (Single)Moby121.0Dance Classics10A2005★★2*
Scandalous [Xtendz] - qHD - CleanMis-Teeq100.0Old School / Classics05A2003★★★★4*
One Minute Man (Remix) (Dirty) (Extended)Missy Elliot ft Jay-Z93.9Hip Hop/R&B11B2001★★★3*
Lose Control (Dirty) (Extended)Missy Elliot ft Ciara & Fatman Scoop125.0Hip Hop/R&B02B2005★★★
Get Ur Freak On [Xtendz] - CleanMissy ElliotMiss E... So Addictive88.908A2001★★2*
Speechless (Clean) (Extended)Mish Mash124.0Dance Classics07A2006★★★3*
Naive Song (Clean) (Extended)Mirwais120.000's12B2000★★★3*
Miss Fatty (Clean) (Extended)Million Stylez82.1Reggae/Soca10B2006★★★3*
I Don't Care (Clean) (Extended)Milk Inc ft Silvy138.0Dance07B2004★★2*
The Sun Always Shines On TV (Clean) (Extended)Milk Inc138.3Dance11B2004★★2*
Tainted Love (Clean) (Single)Milk Inc139.0Dance04B2007★★★3*
Oceans (Clean) (Extended)Milk Inc139.0Dance Classics08B2000★★★3*
Never Again (Clean) (Single)Milk Inc140.1Dance07A2002★★★3*
Livin' A Lie (Clean) (Extended)Milk Inc70.6Dance Classics11A2001★★2*
Land Of The Living (Clean) (Extended)Milk Inc140.0Dance Classics11B2002★★★
In My Eyes (Clean) (Extended)Milk Inc139.1Dance Classics09B2002★★★★
Go To Hell (Clean) (Extended)Milk Inc141.0Dance Classics01A2005★★★3*
Let The Sunshine In (Clean) (Extended)Milk & Sugar ft Lizzy Patterson126.1Dance Classics11A2003★★2*
Love Is In The Air (Clean) (Extended)Milk & Sugar ft John Paul Young125.0Dance Classics08B2001★★★3*
Insomnia (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Mike Candys & Jack Holiday130.0Dance10A2009★★★★WeMasters
Relax (Clean) (Single)Mika122.000's11A2007★★★★4*
Love Today (Clean) (Single)Mika124.500's10A2007★★★★4*
Grace Kelly (Clean) (Single)Mika122.300's09B2006★★★3*
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (Clean) (Single)Mika116.000's01B2007★★★3*
Attention Mesdames et Messieurs (Clean Single)Michel Fugain110.0pop fr09A2006★★★
Blinded By The Light (Clean) (Extended)Michael Mind ft Manfred Mann's Earth Band128.0House06A2007★★2*
Baker Street [Xtendz] - CleanMichael Mind130.010B2009★★★3*
You Rock My World (Clean) (Extended)Michael Jackson95.000's09A2001★★★3*
The Weekend (Clean) (Extended)Michael Gray127.0Dance Classics02B2004★★★★4*
Veins (Come To Party) (Dirty) (Single)Melgroove ft Das EFX92.6French06A2000★★2*
Thunder In My Heart Again (Clean) (Single)Meck ft Leo Sayer129.0Dance Classics07A2006★★
Solaar Pleure (Clean) (Single)MC Solaar97.0French02A2001★★2*
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Clean) (Extended)Max Graham vs Yes128.0Dance Classics10B2005★★2*
Proximus (Clean) (Single)Mauro Picotto138.1Dance Classics08A2000★★2*
Komodo (Clean) (Extended)Mauro Picotto137.7Dance Classics10A2000★★★★4*
Big City Life (Clean) (Extended)Mattafix87.100's09B2005★★★3*
Work (Clean) (Extended)Masters At Work128.0House04B2001★★★3*
I Need A Lover Tonight (Clean) (Extended)Masterboy136.0Dance Classics07A2002★★2*
I Like To Like It (Clean) (Single)Masterboy135.9Dance Classics11B2000★★★★4*
Hypnotic Tango (Clean) (Single)Master Blaster135.0Dance Classics07B2002★★★3*
How Old R U (Clean) (Single)Master Blaster135.1Dance Classics07A2003★★★
Perfect (Exceeder) (Clean) (Extended)Mason vs Princess Superstar128.0House03A2007★★★★4*
Shackles (Praise You) (Clean) (Single)Mary Mary100.5R&B06B2000★★★★★5*
Family Affair [Xtendz] - CleanMary J. BligeNo More Drama92.9R&B01A2001★★★★★5*
Not Today (Clean) (Extended)Mary J Blige ft Eve94.0Hip Hop/R&B03A2003★★2*
Let’s Get It On (Paul Simpson & Miles Dalto MPG Groove Mix) (Clean) (Single)Marvin Gaye98.0Urban Classics06B2005★★★
Madan (Exotic Disco Edit) (Clean) (Single)Martin Solveig ft Salif Keta128.1Dance Classics05A2003★★★★4*
Madan (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Extended)Martin Solveig feat. Salif Keita128.0Dance07B2002★★★★★5*
Something Better (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Martin Solveig128.0Dance06A2006★★★★
Rocking Music (Clean) (Extended)Martin Solveig128.0Dance Classics08B2004★★★3*
Rejection (Clean Single)Martin Solveig128.0Top 4004B2007★★★★
Jealousy (Clean) (Single)Martin Solveig125.0Dance Classics08B2006★★★★★5*
Jealousy (Clean) (Extended)Martin Solveig125.0Dance Classics08B2006★★★★★5*
Everybody (Clean) (Extended)Martin Solveig127.7House10A2005★★★★
C'est La Vie (Clean) (Extended)Martin Solveig128.0House10A2008★★★3*
This Love (Clean) (Single)Maroon 595.1Top 4005A2003★★★3*
She Will Be Loved (Clean) (Single)Maroon 5102.000's05B2004★★★3*
Stuck On You (Clean) (Extended)Mark Oh140.0Dance07A2003★★★
I Don’t Wanna Know (DJ Casanova Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Mario Winans ft Enya & P Diddy97.0Urban Classics10A2004★★2*
I Don't Wanna Know (Clean) (Extended)Mario Winans feat Enya & P Diddy97.0R&B10B2004★★★3*
Freaky (Clean) (Single)Mario Vi & Valentino88.0Reggaeton04A2006★★2*
Let Me Love You (Clean) (Extended)Mario94.5Hip Hop/R&B07B2004★★★3*
Personal Jesus (Clean) (Extended)Marilyn Manson130.2Alternative/Rock02B2004★★2*
It's Like That (Clean) (Extended)Mariah Carey ft Jermaine Dupri96.0Hip Hop/R&B01A2005★★2*
It's Like That (Clean) (Extended)Mariah Carey feat JD & Fatman Scoop96.0R&B01A2005★★2*
Mon Amour (Clean Single)Marc Lavoine97.3pop fr07A2005★★★
Me Gusta Tu (Clean) (Single)Manu Chao88.0French10A2001★★★3*
Hit The Floor (Clean) (Extended)Mango Maniax138.1Dance Classics07B2001★★2*
Même pas fatigué (Clean Single)Magic System feat. Khaled127.0Top 4011A2009★★★★
Zouglou Dance (Clean Single)Magic System128.5Top 4011B2008★★★★
Ki Dit Mie (Clean Single)Magic System128.0Afrobeats05A2007★★★★
Bouger Bouger (Clean) (Single)Magic System128.1French02B2005★★★★4*
Bouger Bouger (Clean Single)Magic System128.0Top 4012A2005doublon
Magic System - 1er Gaou (Extended)119.0Music06A★★★★4*
If You (Clean) (Extended)Magic Box130.0Dance Classics01B2003★★★
Carillon (Clean) (Extended)Magic Box136.8Dance Classics12B2000★★★★★5*
4 Minutes [Xtendz] - CleanMadonna ft Justin Timberlake n Timbaland113.02000's04A2008★★2*
Sorry (Clean) (Extended)Madonna133.0Dance Classics05A2006★★★3*
Music [Xtendz] - qHD - CleanMadonna119.92000's09B2000★★★★4*
Love Profusion (Clean) (Single)Madonna119.900's12B2003★★★3*
Hung Up [Xtendz] - HD - CleanMadonna125.02000's08A2005★★★3*
Hollywood (Clean) (Single)Madonna126.000's10A2002★★★3*
Give It To Me (Clean) (Extended)Madonna127.000's04B2008★★★3*
Die Another Day (Clean) (Extended)Madonna124.000's08B2002★★★3*
Who The Hell Are You (Clean) (Single)Madison Avenue127.7House09A2000★★★3*
Don't Call Me Baby (Clean) (Single)Madison Avenue124.6House05A1999★★★★
Like A Virgin (Clean) (Extended)Madhouse132.003B2002★★★★4*
Like A Prayer (Clean) (Extended)Madhouse127.507B2002★★★★4*
Holiday (Clean) (Extended)Madhouse128.009A2002★★★★4*
Plaisirs solitaires (Clean Single)Madame Kay87.5Alternative01B2006★★
The Concert (Clean) (Extended)M@D135.1House09A2003★★★3*
Bum Bum (Clean) (Extended)Mabel133.0Dance Classics07B2000★★★★4*
Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1 2) (Clean) (Extended)M.V.P. ft Stagga Lee103.0Urban Classics04A2005★★2*
Ante Up (Clean) (Extended)M.O.P.94.2Hip Hop/R&B04A2000★★★★4*
Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna) (Clean) (Extended)M&S Presents The Girl Next Door128.0Dance Classics03A2000★★★★4*
Elle Me Controle (Clean Single)M Pokora107.0Urban08B2005★★★★
Le Complexe Du Corn Flakes (Clean Single)M120.0Rock fr12B2000★★★
En Tete A Tete (Clean Single)M141.2Top 4009B2005★★★
Hommes...Femmes (Clean) (Single)Lynnsha & D.Dy115.1rnb fr03A2004★★★★★
Scotty Doesn't Know (Clean) (Single)Lustra89.5Alternative/Rock09B2005★★2*
Noche De Entierro [Single] - CleanHector El Father ft. Daddy Yankee & Wisin y YandelMas Flow Los Benjamins97.011B2006★★2*
Never Leave You [Xtendz] - DirtyLumidee ft Busta Rhymes n FabolousInfamy100.0R&B07B2001★★2*
I Wanna Be The One (Clean) (Single)Luisa Pepe132.0Dance Classics01B2003★★2*
Move Bitch (Dirty) (Extended)Ludacris ft Mystikal88.9Hip Hop/R&B04B2001★★
Move Bitch (Clean) (Extended)Ludacris ft Mystikal88.9Hip Hop/R&B04B2001★★
Move Bitch [Xtendz] - DirtyLudacrisWord Of Mouf88.9Hip Hop04B2002★★4A
Don't Mess With My Man (Mood II Swing Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Lucy Pearl124.8Dance Classics11A2000★★★★4*
Don't Mess With My Man (Clean) (Extended)Lucy Pearl105.9Hip Hop11A2000★★★★4*
Même Si (What You're Made Of) (Clean) (Single)Lucie Silvas & Grégory Lemarchal71.0slow pop09A2007★★★
Vem Dancar Kuduro (Clean) (Extended)Lucenzo ft Big Ali130.0Latin03B2010★★★★★5*
Here Comes The Sunshine (Clean) (Single)Love Inc134.0Dance Classics03A2000★★★3*
The Bomb (Clean) (Single)Love Connection127.6Dance Classics11A2000★★★3*
Revolver (Clean Single)Louise Attaque134.3Alternative12B2006★★★
Gentleman (Clean) (Single)Lou Bega131.100's09B2001★★★
Papi Chulo...Te Traigo El Mmmm (Clean) (Extended)Lorna110.1Latin01A2004★★★★★5*
Sur Un Air Latino (Clean) (Single)Lorie109.0French07A2003★★★3*
Would You Love A Monsterman (Clean) (Single)Lordi135.0Alternative/Rock10A2006★★2*
Hard Rock Hallelujah (Clean) (Single)Lordi123.0Alternative/Rock06A2006★★★3*
Hey Sexy Wow (Clean) (Single)Lord Kossity ft Chico118.2Reggae/Soca05B2005★★★★4*
Take Me To The Clouds Above (Clean) (Extended)LMC Vs U2128.6Dance Classics02B2004★★2*
All Around The World (Bob Sinclar Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Lionel Richie128.0Dance Classics08B2006★★★★★5*
Numb (Clean) (Single)Linkin Park110.0Alternative/Rock11A2003★★★3*
Breaking The Habit (Clean) (Single)Linkin Park100.0Rock09A2003★★★
Smile (Full Tilt Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Lily Allen95.500's09B2006★★★3*
Smile (Clean) (Single)Lily Allen95.500's08B2006★★★3*
A Night To Remember (Clean) (Single)Liberty X108.9pop06A2005★★★★4*
Sobri 2 (Clean Single)Leslie and Amine113.0Top 4005A2006★★★
Rimini (Clean Single)Les Wampas102.5Top 4012B2006★★
Jacques Your Body (Clean) (Extended)Les Rythmes Digitales125.9French11B2000★★★★
Zoomer (Clean Single)Les Jumo Selesao128.0Dance08B2009★★★★
Une Autre Histoire (Clean Single)Les Enfoirés115.8pop fr08A2004★★★
Where Are We Runnin' (XXX) (Clean) (Single)Lenny Kravitz130.0Alternative/Rock11A2004★★2*
Shake It (Move A Little Closer) (Clean) (Extended)Lee Cabrera ft Alex Cantana130.1Dance Classics10B2003★★★
ça marche (Clean Single)Le Roi Soleil95.0Top 4005A2006★★★
Living On Video (Clean) (Extended)Lazard130.0House04A2006★★
Wash My World (Clean) (Extended)Laurent Wolf130.0House12B2008★★★★4*
Walk The Line (Clean) (Extended)Laurent Wolf128.0House08B2009★★★★
No Stress (Clean) (Extended)Laurent Wolf130.0Dance Classics01B2008★★★★★
Explosion (Clean Single)Laurent Wolf129.0Dance08A2009★★★
CalindaLaurent Wolf128.5House07A2003★★★★4*
Derniers Baisers (Clean Single)Laurent Voulzy96.0slow11B2006★★★★
Bata Bata 2 [Single] - CleanLatin FreshPlan Calle97.0Reggaeton08B2006★★★3*
Out Of My Mind (Clean) (Extended)Lasgo133.0Dance Classics05A2008★★
The Ketchup Song (Clean) (Single)Las Ketchup92.502A2002★★★★4*
The Ketchup Song (Clean) (Single)Las Ketchup92.500's02A2002★★★★★5*
Si Tu M'Aimes (Clean) (Single)Lara Fabian123.8French08A2000★★★3*
Telephone [Xtendz] - CleanLady Gaga ft BeyonceThe Fame Monster122.004A2009★★★3*
Poker Face [Xtendz] - HD - CleanLady Gaga119.0Old School / Classics01A2008★★★3*
Just Dance [Xtendz] - CleanLady GagaThe Fame119.012B2008★★★3*
Bad Romance [Xtendz] - DirtyLady GagaThe Fame Monster119.008A2009★★★3*
Easy Love (Clean) (Extended)Lady121.7disco dance09B2000★★★★★5*
Coup de Boule (Clean Single)La Plage127.8Top 4002A2006★★★★
Ca Fait Mal (Clean) (Single)La Fouine85.1French09A2009★★
In Your Life (Clean) (Single)La Bouche134.7Dance Classics06A2000★★★3*
All I Want (Clean) (Single)La Bouche125.8Dance Classics07B2000★★★3*
Walk like an egyptian (Clean Single)L5103.0Top 4009A2006★★★
Le Chemin (Clean) (Single)Kyo ft Sita81.1French08A2003★★★3*
Je Saigne Encore (Clean) (Single)Kyo81.1French10A2003★★2*
Derniere Danse (Clean) (Single)Kyo86.0French07A2003★★★3*
In Your Eyes (Clean) (Single)Kylie Minogue124.000's11A2004★★
In My Arms (Clean) (Extended)Kylie Minogue128.000's06B2007★★★3*
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Clean) (Extended)Kylie Minogue126.000's08A2002★★★★★5*
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Barry Harris Remix) (Clean WeMix Remix)Kylie Minogue126.0Dance08A2001★★★remix
Who Ride Wit Us (Clean) (Extended)Kurupt ft Daz Dillinger105.0Urban Classics12A2000★★2*
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree (Clean) (Single)KT Tunstall104.8Pop09A2005★★★3*
Dangereuse (Clean Single)Krys120.0Hip Hop08A2006★★★★
Garçon (Clean) (Single)Koxie95.0French10A2007★★★★4*
Here To Stay (Clean) (Single)Korn99.9Alternative/Rock08A2002★★2*
Ladies Night (Clean) (Extended)Kool & The Gang ft Spanner Banner & Sean Paul104.000's07B2004★★
What Is Love 2K9 [Single] - CleanKlaas meets Haddaway128.0electro06A2009★★★3*
Il Faut Danser (Clean) (Single)King Kuduro ft Obed137.1Abstract07B2009★★★★★5*
La Bomba (Clean) (Single)King Africa100.100's02B2000★★★★★5*
Day N Nite (Crookers Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Kid Cudi130.0House11B2008★★★★4*
Day N Nite (Crookers Remix) (Alternate Video) [Xtendz] - HD - CleanKid Cudi130.0Old School / Classics10A2008★★★★4*
Turn Me On (Madonna Version) (Clean) (Extended)Kevin Lyttle Vs Madonna106.000's12A2004★★★★mash'up
Turn Me On (Clean) (Extended)Kevin Lyttle106.0Rythmic / Top 4012A2004★★★★4*
Last Drop [Xtendz] - qHD - CleanKevin Lyttle105.9Old School / Classics05A2004★★★
Weekend (Clean) (Extended)Kenny Lattimore99.9Urban Classics03A2001★★2*
Havanna (Clean) (Single)Kenny G121.9Instrumental05A2003★★2*
Trick Me (Dirty) (Extended)Kelis107.1Hip Hop/R&B04B2004★★★3*
Milkshake [Xtendz] - CleanKelis112.9Old School / Classics10B2003★★★3*
Milkshake (Old School Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Kelis113.8Urban Classics02B2003★★2*
Somewhere Only We Know (Clean) (Single)Keane86.0Alternative/Rock11B2004★★★3*
Everybody's Changing (Clean) (Single)Keane94.000's08B2004★★★3*
Tik Tok Remix (Unofficial) [Single] - CleanKe$ha ft Pitbull120.007A2009★★★
Tik Tok (Clean) (Extended)Kesha119.807A2009★★★3*
Crazy (Clean) (Single)K-Ci & Jojo58.0Slow Jams08B2003
I Kissed A Girl [Xtendz] - CleanKaty Perry130.0Old School / Classics08A2008★★★★4*
Hot N Cold (Dirty) (Extended)Katy Perry132.0pop rock09B2008★★★3*
Louxor J'adore (Clean Single)Katerine135.7Top 4011A2006★★★
Voyage Voyage (Clean) (Extended)Kate Ryan130.0Dance01A2007★★★
The Promise You Made (Clean) (Extended)Kate Ryan130.0Dance Classics08A2004★★★3*
Libertine (Clean) (Single)Kate Ryan138.1French02B2002★★2*
La Promesse (Clean) (Extended)Kate Ryan130.0French08A2004★★2*
Je T’Adore (Clean) (Extended)Kate Ryan135.0French01A2006★★2*
Whine Up [Xtendz] - HD - CleanKat Deluna ft Elephant Man125.1Old School / Classics12A2007★★★3*
Run The Show [Snipz] - qHD - CleanKat DeLuna ft Busta Rhymes105.0Old School / Classics02A2007doublon
Run The Show (Clean) (Extended)Kat Deluna ft Busta Rhymes105.0Urban Classics02A2007★★★★4*
Dangerous [Xtendz] - DirtyKardinal Offishall ft AkonNot 4 Sale117.0R&B06A2008★★★3*
She Moves (La La La) (Clean) (Extended)Karaja134.0Dance Classics12A2001★★2*
Partons vite (Clean Single)Kaolin95.0Top 4006B2006★★
Stronger [Xtendz] - DirtyKanye WestGraduation104.0Hip Hop08A2007★★2*
Stronger (Alternate) (Dirty) (Extended)Kanye West104.0Hip Hop/R&B08A2007★★★3*
Psychostar Show (Clean) (Single)Kamini102.6French10A2007★★
Marly-Gomont (Clean) (Extended)Kamini104.1rap03A2007★★★3*
Trance & Acid (Clean) (Extended)Kai Tracid138.1Dance Classics11B2002★★
Let's Go (Clean) (Single)K.Maro112.5French12B2020★★2*
Histoires De Luv (Clean) (Single)K. Maro102.0French12A2005★★2*
Femme Like U (Clean) (Single)K. Maro116.904B2004★★★★★5*
Crazy (Clean) (Single)K. Maro115.000's12A2004★★★3*
My Love (2006) vs. Holiday (1983) (Full Blend) (Clean)Justin Timberlake vs. Madonna120.02000's11B2006★★2*
My Love [Xtendz] - CleanJustin Timberlake ft T.I.120.0Old School / Classics11B2006★★★3*
What Goes Around...Comes Around (Clean) (Single)Justin Timberlake76.0R&B08A2007★★★3*
What Goes Around Comes Around (Clean) (Extended)Justin Timberlake76.0Hip Hop/R&B08A2007★★★3*
Sexyback (Ghostbusters Version) (Clean) (Extended)Justin Timberlake116.8Urban Classics11B2007★★★★4*
Sexyback (Dirty) (Extended)Justin Timberlake116.9Hip Hop/R&B12A2006★★★★4*
Sexy Back (Intro Dirty)Justin Timberlake117.0Rythmic / Top 4001A2006★★★★4*
Rock Your Body [Single] - CleanJustin TimberlakeJustified101.008A2003★★★★4*
Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Justin Timberlake108.000's10A2003★★2*
Rock Your Body (Clean) (Extended)Justin Timberlake101.000's08A2003★★★★4*
Lovestoned (I Think She Knows) (Clean) (Extended)Justin Timberlake121.400's04A2007★★★
Cry Me A River [Single] - CleanJustin TimberlakeJustifed73.9R&B01A2002★★★3*
We Are Your Friends (Clean) (Single)Justice vs Simian123.1Dance Classics08A2006★★★3*
D.A.N.C.E. (Clean) (Extended)Justice120.0Dance Classics11A2007★★★3*
Move Your Feet (Clean) (Extended)Junior Senior118.900's11B2002★★★3*
Dale Candela (Clean) (Extended)Junior Ranks120.0Latin01B2007★★★
Stupidisco (Clean) (Extended)Junior Jack125.1Dance Classics07B2004★★2*
E Samba (Clean) (Extended)Junior Jack125.1House08A2003★★2*
Let It Roll (I Like It) (Clean) (Extended)Jump & Joy135.1Dance Classics09B2000★★★★4*
Avalon (Clean) (Extended)Juliet127.0Dance Classics03A2005★★2*
Me Enamora (Reggaeton Remix) (Clean) (Single)Juanes94.0Latin09A2007★★2*
Me Enamora (Clean) (Single)Juanes94.0Latin10B2007★★★3*
La Camisa Negra (Clean) (Single)Juanes97.0pop rock02B2006★★★★4*
A Dios Le Pido (Clean) (Single)Juanes97.0Latin08A2002★★2*
La Billirubina (Clean) (Single)Juan Luis Guerra Y 440138.3Latin04B2000★★2*
Le temps passe (Clean Single)Johnny Hallyday85.0Hip Hop02A2006★★★
La Loi Du Silence (Clean Single)Johnny Hallyday148.0Top 4001A2006★★
Mètéque (Clean Single)Joey Starr94.0Hip Hop04A2006★★★
What A Wonderful World (Clean) (Single)Joey Ramone168.3Alternative/Rock07B2002★★2*
Que Si, Que No (Sunclub Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Jody Bernal135.0Latin09B2000★★★3*
Laisse Parler Les Gens (Clean) (Single) (HD)Jocelyne Labylle & Cheela ft Passi & Jacob Desvarieux116.0French05B2003★★★★★5*
Are You Gonna Be My Girl [Xtendz] - HD - CleanJet101.9Old School / Classics08A2003★★★3*
Mini Kawoulé (Clean Single)Jessy Matador110.2Urban02B2009★★
I'm Gonna Be Alright (Track Masters Remix) [Xtendz] - CleanJennifer Lopez ft Nas94.0Old School / Classics02A2002★★2*
I'm Gonna Be Alright (Clean) (Extended)Jennifer Lopez ft Nas94.0Hip Hop/R&B02A2002★★2*
Get Right Remix [Xtendz] - HD - CleanJennifer Lopez ft Fabolous97.0Old School / Classics03B2005★★remix
Love Don't Cost A Thing (Clean) (Extended)Jennifer Lopez97.500's08A2000★★★★4*
Jenny From The Block (No Rap) (Clean) (Extended)Jennifer Lopez100.0Hip Hop/R&B04B2002★★★3*
Donne-Moi Le Temps (Clean) (Single)Jenifer131.8French09B2002★★★3*
Des Mots Qui Résonnent (Clean) (Single)Jenifer94.8French09A2002★★★3*
On y va (Clean Single)Jeden157.8Urban08A2006★★★
Frozen Flame (Clean) (Single)Jeckyll & Hyde140.2techno11B2006★★★★4*
Freefall (Clean) (Extended)Jeckyll & Hyde140.1techno jumpstyle10B2007★★★★4*
Envole Moi (Clean Single)Jean-Jacques Goldman119.9Top 4009A2003★★★3*
Can You Feel It (Clean) (Single)Jean Roch ft Big Ali126.3Dance Classics10B2003★★★3*
Empire State Of Mind [Xtendz] - CleanJay Z ft Alicia KeysThe Blueprint 386.6Hip Hop02B2009★★★3*
Come On (Explicit Single)Javi Mula128.0Dance08B2009★★★★
All For You (Clean) (Extended)Janet Jackson113.500's09A2001★★★3*
Love Is A Soldier (Clean) (Extended)Jan Wayne141.0Dance11A2003★★2*
Little L (Bob Sinclar Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Jamiroquai128.0Dance Classics03A2001★★★
Little L (Blaze Shelter Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Jamiroquai125.0Dance Classics12A2001★★★3*
(Don't) Give Hate A Chance (Clean) (Single)Jamiroquai127.9Dance Classics11A2005★★2*
Nookie (Clean) (Single)Jamesy P120.0Reggae/Soca03B2005
You're Beautiful (Clean) (Single)James Blunt82.000's05A2005★★★3*
Superstar (Clean) (Single)Jamelia110.1Hip Hop/R&B02A2003★★★★4*
Stop (Clean) (Single)Jamelia62.500's10A2004★★★3*
American Dream (Clean) (Single)Jakatta128.0Dance Classics08B2001★★★3*
One Desire (Clean) (Extended)Jakarta130.0Dance Classics01A2006★★★★4*
Body (Dirty) (Extended)Ja Rule ft Ashley Joi110.5Hip Hop/R&B07B2007★★2*
Stamp On The Ground (Clean) (Single)Italobrothers150.2techno11B2009★★★
Parle-Moi (Clean) (Single)Isabelle Boulay81.2French07B2000★★★
Hot (WeMaster) (WeMaster Clean Single)Inna128.0Dance06A2009★★★★WeMasters
Amazing (Clean Single)Inna130.0Top 4002A2009★★★
You Promised Me (Clean) (Extended)In-Grid132.0Dance Classics03B2002★★2*
Tu Es Foutu (Clean) (Extended)In-Grid132.0French03B2001★★2*
Paris To Berlin (Clean) (Extended)Infernal126.0Dance Classics10B2018★★★3*
Sois Beau Et Tais-Toi (Clean Single)Indra129.0Top 4008B2006★★★★
Marilyn (Clean Single)Indochine132.0rock08A2003★★★★
Adora (Clean Single)Indochine128.0Alternative12A2006★★
Rapture [Xtendz] - CleaniiO ft Nadia Ali124.0Old School / Classics03A2001★★2*
Rapture (Deep Dish Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Iio130.0Dance Classics06B2001★★★
Rapture (Clean) (Extended)Iio125.0Dance Classics03A2001★★★3*
La France Des Couleurs (Clean) (Single)Idir123.1French06B2007★★★★4*
Let Me Think About It [Club] - HD - CleanIda Corr vs Fedde Le Grand129.0Old School / Classics08A2007★★★★★5*
Let Me Think About It (Clean) (Extended)Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand129.0House08A2007★★★★★5*
Castles In The Sky (Clean) (Extended)Ian Van Dahl140.1Trance06A2000★★★3*
Bucovina (Clean) (Extended)Ian Oliver ft Shantel125.0Dance Classics01B2007★★★★4*
Je Danse Le Mia (Clean) (Single)IAM103.0French08B2005★★★★★5*
Strategie D'un Pion (Clean Single)I Am81.1Hip Hop03A2004★★
Revoir Le Printemps (Clean Single)I Am87.1Hip Hop fr06B2004★★★
I Like That [Xtendz] - qHD - CleanHouston ft Chingy, Nate Dogg n I-20106.9Old School / Classics05B2004★★★★2A
I Like That (Dirty) (Extended)Houston ft Chingy, Nate Dogg & I-20106.9Abstract05B2004★★★3*
Mad About You (Clean) (Single)Hooverphonic85.100's12A2000★★★3*
And We Danced (Clean Single)Hooters72.9Rock11B2001★★
The Reason (Clean) (Extended)Hoobastank83.1Alternative/Rock12B2004★★2*
Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) (Clean) (Extended)Hi Tack129.0Dance Classics09A2006★★★3*
Live Is Life (Clean) (Single)Hermes House Band ft DJ Otzi103.100's09B2003★★★3*
Country Roads (Clean) (Extended)Hermes House Band100.2Country10B2001★★
Dans mon île (Clean Single)Henri Salvador86.0pop fr12A2006★★★
Miss France (Clean) (Single)Helmut Fritz130.2French05A2009★★2*
Ca Menerve (Clean) (Single)Helmut Fritz130.0Abstract08A2009★★★★★5*
The Hampster Dance (Clean) (Single)Hampton The Hampster136.1Dance Classics12B2002★★★3*
The Hampster Dance (Clean) (Extended)Hampton The Hampster136.1Dance Classics12B2002
Thank God I'm A Country Boy (Clean) (Single)Hampton The Hampster127.1Country10B2002★★2*
What Is Love (Reloaded) (Clean) (Extended)Haddaway138.0techno08B2003★★★3*
Babarabatiri (Clean) (Single)Gypsymen125.2Dance Classics08A2001★★★3*
Cupid's Chokehold (Alternate Mix) (Clean) (Single)Gym Class Heroes ft Patrick Stump79.800's12A2007★★★
Rich Girl [Xtendz] - DirtyGwen Stefani ft EveLove. Angel. Music. Baby.98.007B2005★★★★4*
The Sweet Escape (Clean) (Extended)Gwen Stefani feat Akon120.0Rythmic / Top 4003B2006★★★★4*
Wind It Up (X-Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Gwen Stefani120.000's06A2006★★2*
What You Waiting For (Clean) (Single)Gwen Stefani136.0rock07A2004★★★3*
Hollaback Girl [Xtendz] - qHD - DirtyGwen Stefani110.0Old School / Classics02A2005★★★3*
Infinity 2008 (Clean) (Extended) (Baker Street Synth Sax Style)Guru Josh Project128.0Rhythmic / Top 4006A2007★★★★4*
Ding Dong Song (Clean) (Single)Gunther & The Sunshine Girls132.0Dance Classics03B2004★★★★4*
Lambada 3000 (Clean) (Extended)Gregor Salto & Kaoma127.1Latin07A2009★★★★
Viajar (Clean) (Single)Gregor Salto125.0Latin07B2006★★★3*
La La Land (Clean) (Extended)Green Velvet127.6House09B2001★★★3*
Genedefekt (Clean) (Extended)Green Velvet129.6Dance Classics10A2002★★2*
Holiday (Clean) (Extended)Green Day73.2Alternative/Rock04A2004★★★3*
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Redrum) (Clean) (Extended)Green Day83.5Alternative/Rock04A2004★★★3*
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Clean) (Single)Green Day83.5Alternative/Rock04B2004★★★3*
American Idiot (Dirty) (Extended)Green Day186.0Alternative/Rock04B2004★★★3*
Saint Denis (Clean Single)Grand Corps Malade155.4Top 4002A2006★★
Feel Good Inc (Clean) (Extended)Gorillaz ft De La Soul138.5rock05B2005★★★3*
Clint Eastwood (Clean) (Extended)Gorillaz84.000's05B2001★★2*
The Anthem (Clean) (Single)Good Charlotte88.9Alternative/Rock03B2003★★★3*
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous (Clean) (Single)Good Charlotte106.3Alternative/Rock03B2003★★2*
Dance Floor Anthem (Clean) (Single)Good Charlotte125.0Alternative/Rock02A2007★★2*
Dance (Clean) (Extended)Goleo VI, Lumidee & Fatman Scoop120.0Reggae11A★★★★4*
Get Up (Clean) (Extended)Global Deejays ft Technotronic128.0House12A2007★★★3*
What A Feeling (Clean) (Extended)Global Deejays132.4Dance04A2005★★★3*
The Sounds Of San Francisco (Clean) (Extended)Global Deejays132.4House08B2004★★★★4*
No More Turning Back (Clean) (Single)Gitta134.1Dance08A2000★★★3*
Gipsy (Clean) (Extended)Gipsy129.0House08A2003★★2*
The Riddle (Clean) (Single)Gigi D'Agostino127.0Dance03A2002★★★3*
L'Amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You) (Clean) (Single)Gigi D'Agostino139.2Dance06B2001★★★3*
L'Amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You) (Bla Bla Bla Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Gigi D'Agostino135.100's10B2001★★
Bla Bla Bla (Clean) (Single)Gigi D'Agostino133.007B2000★★★★★5*
Shining Star (Clean) (Extended)Get Far127.0Dance Classics02B2005★★★3*
It's Raining Men (Clean) (Single)Geri Halliwell136.500's04A2001★★★2*
Flawless (Go To The City) (Dirty) (Single)George Michael125.100's09B2004★★★3*
Amazing (Ken Walker Remix) (Clean) (Extended)George Michael122.0Dance Classics03A2004★★
Seul (Clean) (Single)Garou106.1French06A2000★★★3*
Le Monde Est Stone (Clean) (Single)Garou132.0French05B2002★★★3*
All I Want (Clean) (Extended)Gardweg135.1Dance Classics01A2002★★★3*
How We Do [Xtendz] - DirtyGame ft 50 Cent98.0Hip Hop01A2004★★★3*
Smile (Clean) (Extended)Future Breeze137.0Dance Classics06B2000★★★★4*
Speed Up (Clean) (Extended)Funkerman133.0House07B2008★★★
Sexy (Clean) (Extended)French Affair132.0Dance Classics04A2001★★2*
Uninvited (Clean) (Extended)Freemasons ft Bailey Tzuke127.1House07A2007★★★★★5*
So Much Love to Give (Clean) (Extended)Freeloaders127.1Dance Classics03B2005★★2*
Take Me Out (Clean) (Single)Franz Ferdinand103.9rock09A2003★★★★4*
Tu Veux Mon Zizi (Explicit Single)Francky Vincent122.0Top 4011B2009★★★★
Marginale Musique (Clean) (Single)Fonky Family86.7French11A2006★★★3*
Marginale Musique (Clean Single)Fonky Family86.6Hip Hop11A2006★★
Balloons (Clean) (Single)Foals77.0Alternative/Rock08A2007★★
Raisa (Clean Single)Fly Project130.0Top 4005A2006★★★
Fuck You (I Don't Want You Back) (Dirty) (Extended)Florida Inc138.0Dance Classics05B2004★★★3*
Ma Liberté De Penser (Clean)Florent Pagny90.1French11A2003★★★3*
Technoromance (Clean) (Extended)Floorfilla137.0Dance Classics03B2002★★2*
Megamix (Clean) (Single) Expanded MusicFloorfilla136.4Dance Classics11A2001★★★3*
Low [Xtendz] - qHD - CleanFlo Rida ft T-Pain128.0Old School / Classics02A2007★★★3*
Right Round [Xtendz] - CleanFlo RidaR.O.O.T.S.125.0Rythmic / Top 4008A2009★★★3*
Te Quiero (Clean) (Extended)Flex84.0Latin04B2003★★2*
Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Clean) (Extended)Fedde Le Grand128.0House05A2006★★★★4*
Mon Pays (Clean Single)Faudel112.0Top 4003A2006★★★★
Je Veux Vivre (Clean Single)Faudel116.0Dance08A2003★★★★
Faithfully F'ing Tonight vers Calabria (Face Down Ass Up)[Transition 101-127] - DirtyFatman Scoop (Crooklyn Clan) vers Enura:Drama Squad DJs v:DVDJ Biggie130.0Transition09B2008★★★★transition excelent
Be Faithful (Love Like This) [Single] - DirtyFatman Scoop ft The Crooklyn Clan101.1Old School / Classics06A2003★★★★4*
Be Faithful (Love Like This) (Transition Down 130-101) - CleanFatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clana:DJ Danny Diggz v:Smash Vidz130.0Transition06A2008★★★★4*
It Takes Two (Clean) (Extended)Fatman Scoop115.006B
Star 69 (Dirty) (Single)Fatboy Slim135.6House07A★★2*
Fous Ta Cagoule (Clean) (Single)Fatal Bazooka96.1French09A2007★★★★4*
What's Luv [Xtendz] - DirtyFat Joe ft Ashanti93.8Old School / Classics04A2002★★2*
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Clean) (Single)Fall Out Boy154.8Alternative/Rock03A2007★★★3*
This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arm's Race (Clean) (Single)Fall Out Boy100.0Alternative/Rock08A2007★★★3*
Beat It (Clean) (Extended)Fall Out Boy150.0Alternative/Rock07A2008★★2*
Music Matters (Axwell Edit) (Clean) (Single)Faithless128.0Dance Classics09B2007★★2*
Insomnia (2005) (Clean) (Single)Faithless126.9House12B2005★★2*
Pas le temps (Clean Single)Faf La Rage96.0Hip Hop08A2006★★★★
It's Too Late (Dirty South MIx) (Clean) (Extended)Evermore130.0House01A2006★★★3*
Let Me Blow Ya Mind [Xtendz] - DirtyEve ft Gwen StefaniScorpion90.1Hip Hop01A2001★★★3*
Whos That Girl (Clean) (Extended)Eve96.4Hip Hop02A2000★★★★4*
Tambourine (Dirty) (Extended)Eve102.6Urban Classics08B2007★★2*
My Immortal (Clean) (Single)Evanescence74.9Slow12A2003★★★3*
Going Under (Clean) (Single)Evanescence87.6Rock10A2003★★★3*
Bring Me To Life (Clean) (Extended)Evanescense95.0rock09A2003★★★3*
Sweet Dreams (Steve Angello Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Eurythmics126.0House05A2005★★★3*
Paradise (Clean) (Single)E-Type139.0Dance Classics10B2004★★2*
Life (Clean) (Extended)E-Type137.0Techno03A2001★★2*
American Boy [Xtendz] - DirtyEstelle ft Kanye West118.0Old School / Classics08A2008★★★3*
American Boy (No Rap) [Xtendz] - CleanEstelle ft Kanye West118.0Old School / Classics08A2008★★★3*
The Beat Is Rockin' (Clean) (Extended)Erick E127.0Dance Classics04B2006★★★3*
Proper Education [Club] - HD - CleanEric Prydz vs Pink Floyd125.0Old School / Classics07A2007★★★3*
Proper Education (Clean) (Extended)Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd125.0Dance Classics07A2006★★★3*
Pjanoo [Club] - CleanEric Prydz126.0Old School / Classics06B2008★★★3*
Pjanoo (Clean) (Extended)Eric Prydz126.0Dance Classics06B2008★★★3*
Call On Me (Clean) (Extended) (1080)Eric Prydz127.1Dance Classics03B2004★★★★★5*
N'importe Quoi (Clean) (Single)Eric Lapointe70.1French06B2006★★2*
La Bartendresse (Clean) (Single)Eric Lapointe74.0French02B2005★★
D'L'Amour J'en Veux Pus (Clean) (Single)Eric Lapointe72.6French05A2005★★
Calabria 2007 (Clean) (Extended)Enur ft Natasja126.0Dance Classics09B2007★★★★4*
Calabria 2007 (Clean) (Single)Enur ft Natasja126.0House09B2007★★★★4*
Tired Of Being Sorry (Clean) (Single)Enrique Iglesias119.9pop rock05A2007★★★3*
Riddle (Clean) (Single)En Vogue96.0R&B03A2000★★★3*
Je Fais De Toi Mon Essentiel (Clean) (Single)Emmanuel Moire98.8French/slow12B2005★★★3*
Shake That [Xtendz] - DirtyEminem ft Nate Dogg107.0Hip Hop05B2006★★2A
Without Me (Dirty) (Extended)Eminem112.3rap07B2002★★★★★5*
The Real Slim Shady (Clean) (Extended)Eminem104.5Urban Classics06A2000★★★★4*
Superman (Clean) (Extended)Eminem65.0Urban Classics09A2002★★★
Stan (Clean) (Extended)Eminem80.0Urban Classics01A2001★★2*
Lose Yourself (Dirty) (Extended)Eminem85.7Urban Classics11A2002★★★★4*
Just Lose It [Xtendz] - DirtyEminemEncore121.005A2004★★★3*
Cleaning Out My Closet (Clean) (Extended)Eminem74.0Urban Classics08A2002★★2*
Elvis Presley Vs Junkie XL (Clean) (Extended)Elvis Presley Vs Junkie XL115.0Dance Classics10B2002★★2*
Wow Flash (Clean) (Single)Elvis Crespo115.1Latin06A2000★★★3*
Tu Sonrisa (Redrum) (Clean) (Extended)Elvis Crespo128.9Latin04B2002★★★★4*
La Cerveza (Clean) (Single)Elvis Crespo127.2Latin08B2000★★★3*
La Ceinture (Clean Single)Elodie Frégé97.0Top 4008A2006★★
Chacarron (Clean) (Single)El Chombo110.2Estonian12A2006★★★★4*
La Bomba (Clean) (Extended)Eddy Wata135.0Dance Classics07A2005★★
Boogie Wonderland (7th Heavens Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Earth, Wind & Fire131.0Dance Classics10B2007
Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) [Xtendz] - qHD - DirtyEamon137.0Slow Jam06B2003★★★3*
Yeah! (Clean) (Extended)Drunkenmunky138.0Techno06A2004★★2*
E (Clean) (Extended)Drunkenmunky139.7techno10B2002★★2*
Everything I Do (Clean) (Extended)Double You feat Don Cartel139.0techno02A2003★★2*
Salio El Sol (Clean) (Single)Don Omar110.0Latin12B2006★★★3*
Reggaeton Latino (Clean) (Extended)Don Omar93.0Reggae/Soca12B2005★★
Pobre Diabla (Clean) (Extended)Don Omar184.1Latin07B2003★★★3*
Dile (Clean) (Extended)Don Omar94.0Latin11B2005★★★★4*
Dale Don Dale (Clean) (Single)Don Omar95.1Latin11A2008★★★3*
Conteo (Clean) (Single)Don Omar93.0Latin05A2006★★
Runnin (Clean) (Extended)Doman & Gooding feat Dru129.0House08A★★★3*
Party Up (Clean) (Extended)DMX100.9Hip Hop02B2000★★★★4*
Time To Wonder (Clean) (Extended)DJs @ Work137.1Dance Classics03A2002★★
Heaven (Clean) (Extended)DJ Sammy138.3techno05B2002★★★★4*
Boombastic (Clean) (Extended)DJ Quicksilver Meets Shaggy140.0techno 11B2001★★2*
Hey Baby (Clean) (Extended) - Joke JamsDJ Otzi135.0Pop04A2000★★★★★5*
Do Wah Diddy (Clean) (Single)DJ Otzi135.000's03B2001★★2*
I Kiss Your Lips (Clean) (Extended)DJ Maurice144.0Techno10B2004★★2*
Move Shake Drop Remix [Xtendz] - CleanDJ Laz ft Flo Rida n Casely127.8Old School / Classics03A2008★★★10A
Higher & Higher (Clean) (Extended)DJ Jurgen138.0Dance Classics08B2000★★★3*
The Launch (Relaunched)DJ Jean128.0House01A2008★★2*
Love Come Home (Clean) (Extended)DJ Jean128.1Dance Classics08A2000★★★3*
Indie Walk (Clean Single)DJ Fex128.0Dance03B2002★★★oriental
I See Right Through To You (Clean) (Extended)DJ Encore ft Engelina140.0Dance Classics11A2001★★★3*
Play It Hard (Clean) (Extended)DJ Dean142.0techno06A2002★★2*
Cha Cha Slide (Clean) (Single)DJ Casper131.000's02B2004★★★3*
One More Try (Clean) (Single)DJ Boozywoozy140.7Techno12A2002★★2*
Jump Around (Clean) (Single)DJ Boozywoozy139.7Techno11A2002★★2*
What A Feeling (Clean) (Extended)DJ Bobo ft Irene Cara130.0Dance Classics06B2000★★★★4*
Chihuahua (Clean) (Single)DJ Bobo90.000's01B2003★★★★4*
Celebration (Clean) (Single)DJ Bobo126.0Dance Classics04B2002★★2*
The Whistle Song [Xtendz] - HD - DirtyDJ Aligator140.0Old School / Classics10B2000★★★★4*
Stomp (Clean) (Extended)DJ Aligator140.0Dance Classics07A2002★★2*
Lollipop (Clean) (Extended)DJ Aligator140.0Dance Classics10B2000★★★3*
Easy Lover (Clean) (Single)Divided130.1Dance Classics04A2005★★★3*
J'Pète Les Plombs (Clean Single)Disiz La Peste95.1Hip Hop03B2000★★★
Dans Tes Reves (Clean Single)Disiz La Peste90.0Hip Hop fr11A2005★★★
C'est Beau La Bourgeoisie (Clean) (Extended)Discobitch128.0House04A2008★★★★4*
Calabria (Clean) (Single)Dirty Laundry128.0Dance Classics02A2005★★2*
White Flag (Clean) (Single)Dido85.000's07A2003★★★3*
Thank You (Clean) (Single)Dido80.100's01B2001★★★3*
Hunter (Clean) (Single)Dido92.000's05A2001★★★3*
Feel The Wave (Clean) (Extended)Didier Sinclair ft Lady V129.1Dance Classics08A2007★★★★4*
Lovely Flight (Clean Single)Didier Sinclair128.0Dance03A2001★★★★4*
Last Night (Clean) (Extended)Diddy ft Keyshia Cole121.0Hip Hop/R&B01B2007★★★3*
Jeune Demoiselle (Clean Single)Diam's98.4Hip Hop02A2006★★★★
Incassable (Clean Single)Diam's97.0rap fr01B2004★★★
DJ (Clean) (Single)Diam's123.2French09B2003★★★★★
Listen To Your Heart (Clean) (Extended)DHT ft Edmee145.0Dance10A2005★★★
Tu peux crier (Clean Single)Dezil'95.0Top 4002B2006★★
Survivor (Clean) (Extended)Destiny's Child161.4Urban Classics04B2000★★★★4*
Say My Name [Single] - CleanDestiny's Child138.0Old School / Classics05A2000★★★★4*
Lose My Breath [Xtendz] - CleanDestiny's Child119.0Rnb08A2004★★★3*
Jumpin' Jumpin' (Clean) (Extended)Destiny's Child88.9Hip Hop/R&B04B2000★★★3*
Independent Women (Tomcio Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Destiny's Child105.0Dance Classics11A2000★★★★4*
Independent Women (Clean) (Single)Destinys Child98.0Hip Hop12A2000★★★★4*
Independent Women (Pt 1) (Clean) (Extended)Destiny's Child98.0Hip Hop/R&B12A2000★★★★4*
Bootylicious (Clean) (Extended)Destiny's Child103.4Urban Classics01B2001★★
Gia (DJ Gregory Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Despina Vandi130.0Dance Classics05B2003★★2*
Gia (Clean) (Extended)Despina Vandi130.0Raï-House04B2003★★★3*
Martyr (Clean) (Single)Depeche Mode121.000's01A2006★★2*
Enjoy The Silence (2004 Remix) (Clean) (Single)Depeche Mode115.7rock05A2004★★★3*
J'Etais Comme Eux (Clean) (Single)Demon One & Soprano97.6French11A2008★★
In The Music (Clean) (Extended)Deepswing127.0House03B2001★★★3*
Work The Disco (Clean) (Extended)Dee Magic128.0House04B2003★★★3*
Forever (Clean) (Extended)Dee Dee142.0Dance Classics07B2001★★★3*
Dance With Me (Clean) (Single)Debelah Morgan115.0Hip Hop/R&B06A2000★★★3*
All Good (Clean) (Extended)De La Soul ft Chaka Khan96.8Hip Hop08A2000★★★★★5*
Judgement Day (Clean) (Extended)D-Devils138.9House06A2001★★2*
Love To Love You Baby (Clean) (Extended)David Vandetta128.0Dance Classics08B2006★★★★4*
Hot Summer Night (Clean) (Extended)David Tavare feat 2 Eivissa127.0House04A★★★3*
Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta Vs The Egg127.1Dance Classics04A2006★★★★4*
Just For One Day (Heroes) (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta Vs David Bowie128.0Dance Classics07A2003★★2*
When Love Takes Over [Xtendz] - CleanDavid Guetta ft Kelly RowlandOne Love130.001B2009★★★3*
The World Is Mine (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta ft JD Davis127.8House03A2005★★★3*
Baby When The Light (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta ft Cozi130.0House09B2007★★★3*
People Come, People Go (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta ft Chris Willis130.0Dance Classics08A2002★★★3*
Love Is Gone (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta ft Chris Willis128.0House09B2007★★★★★5*
Love Is Gone (Build Up Mix) (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta ft Chris Willis128.0House09B2007★★★★4*
Everytime We Touch (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta ft Chris Willis125.0House11B2009★★2*
Sexy Bitch [Xtendz] - DirtyDavid Guetta ft AkonOne Love130.0dance11A2009★★★★★5*
Stay (Clean Single)David Guetta feat. Chris Willis128.0Dance08A2004★★★★
Tomorrow Can Wait (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta & Chris Willis vs Tocadisco128.0House03A2008★★★★4*
Money (Clean Single)David Guetta128.0Top 4003B2004★★★★
Just A Little More Love (Wally Lopez Remix) (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta127.2Dance Classics10B2001★★2*
Just A Little More Love (Clean) (Extended)David Guetta122.9Dance Classics11B2001★★2*
Bitch (Clean) (Extended)Dave McCullen132.0House04A2005★★★3*
Sandstorm (Clean) (Extended)Darude136.0Robbins Entertainment12B2000★★★★★5*
Feel The Beat (Clean) (Extended)Darude137.9Robbins Entertainment05B2000★★★★4*
Put Your Hands Up In The Air (Clean) (Extended)Danzel130.0Dance Classics12B2005★★★★4*
Pump It Up (Clean) (Extended)Danzel129.0Dance Classics08A2004★★★★★5*
Miss California (Clean) (Extended)Dante Thomas ft Pras101.000's11A2001★★★3*
You Won't Forget About Me (Clean) (Extended)Dannii Minogue Vs Flower Power125.1Dance Classics09A2004★★2*
Begin To Spin Me Round (Clean) (Single)Dannii Minogue Vs Dead Or Alive128.4dance12A2003★★★3*
I Begin To Wonder (Clean) (Single)Dannii Minogue125.0Dance Classics01B2003★★★3*
Bad Day (Clean) (Single)Daniel Powter70.000's05B2005★★★3*
Sunshine (Clean) (Single)Dance Nation138.0Dance08A2001★★★3*
Object Of My Desire (Clean) (Extended)Dana Rayne145.0Dance Classics03B2004★★2*
Technologic (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk127.5House06A★★★★4*
Something About Us (Clean) (Single)Daft Punk100.0Dance Classics07A2003★★2*
Robot Rock (Clean) (Single)Daft Punk111.9House10B2005★★★3*
One More Time (Tribal Edit) (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk123.0Dance Classics10B2000★★★★4*
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger '07 (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk128.0Dance Classics02B2007★★★3*
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk123.012A2001★★★★4*
Face To Face (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk117.9Dance Classics01A2001★★★3*
Digital Love (Clean Single)Daft Punk124.7Dance11B2001★★
Aerodynamic (Clean) (Extended)Daft Punk122.9Dance Classics10B2001★★★3*
No Me Dejes Solo (Clean) (Extended)Daddy Yankee ft Wisin Y Yandel96.0Reggae/Soca01A2005★★2*
Impacto (Clean) (Extended)Daddy Yankee feat Fergie100.5Reggaeton01A2007★★★3*
Metele Con Candela (Clean) (Single)Daddy Yankee95.0Latin03A2007★★
Lo Que Paso, Paso [Xtendz] - CleanDaddy YankeeBarrio Fino97.002A2004★★★★4*
Gasolina (Clean) (Extended)Daddy Yankee96.0Reggaeton01B2004★★★★★5*
Daddy DJ (Clean) (Extended)Daddy DJ135.005B2000★★★★★5*
Wassuup! (Clean) (Single)Da Muttz131.1Dance Classics10B2001★★★★4*
My Band (Dirty) (Extended)D12 ft Eminem60.0Hip Hop/R&B12A2004★★★3*
Mr Vain Recall (Clean) (Extended)Culture Beat139.8Dance10B2003★★★★4*
I Feel Love (Clean) (Single)CRW136.1Dance Classics01A2000★★★★4*
We Are The Champions (Ding A Dang Dong) (Clean) (Extended) Universal MusicCrazy Frog130.0Dance Classics07B2006★★2*
Popcorn (Clean) (Single) - Joke JamsCrazy Frog132.0Joke Jams03A2005★★★3*
Crazy Frog In The House (Knightrider) (Clean) (Extended)Crazy Frog115.1Dance Classics09B2006★★2*
Axel F (Clean) (Single) - Joke JamsCrazy Frog138.0Joke Jams10B2005★★★★4*
Let's Dance vs World Hold On (Clean) (Extended)Craig David vs Bob Sinclar127.0House02A2007★★★★4*
Rise & Fall (Clean) (Single)Craig David ft Sting84.100's11A2003★★★3*
Walking Away (Clean) (Single)Craig David86.300's10B2000★★★3*
Let's Dance (Hot Stuff) (Clean) (Extended)Craig David114.100's03A2007★★2*
Exploration Of Space (Clean) (Extended)Cosmic Gate138.0Dance Classics08B2001★★★3*
Parce Qu'on Vient De Loin (Clean) (Single)Corneille92.1French11B2002★★★3*
Comme Un Fils (Clean Single)Corneille126.0pop fr12A2004★★★
Keep On Jumpin' (Clean) (Extended)Corenell Vs The Lisa Marie Experience130.2Dance Classics07B2007★★
Attention (Clean) (Single)Commander Tom133.2Dance Classics09A2004★★2*
Are Am Eye 2.4 (The Rebirth) (Dirty) (Extended)Commander Tom140.0Dance Classics11B2004★★2*
On N'est Pas Couché (Explicit Single)Collectif Métissé130.0Dance02A2009★★★★
Laisse-toi aller bébé (Clean Single)Collectif Métissé128.0Top 4005A2009★★★★
Viva La Vida [Discotech Mix] - CleanColdplaya:DiscoTech v:Smash Vidz132.003A2008★★★3*
Trouble (Clean) (Single)Coldplay139.700's09A2000★★★3*
Talk (Clean) (Single)Coldplay120.300's06A2006★★2*
Clocks (Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Coldplay125.0Dance Classics03A2002★★2*
Clocks (Illicit Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Coldplay134.0Dance07B2003★★★3*
Clocks (Clean) (Single)Coldplay131.000's04A2002★★★3*
Comme Des Enfants (Clean) (Single)Coeur De Pirate82.5French06B2009★★★3*
Dreamer (Clean) (Extended)CK & The Supreme Dream Team145.6techno11B2002★★2*
Goodies (Clean) (Extended)Ciara ft Petey Pablo102.0Hip Hop/R&B07B2004★★★3*
Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch [Single] - DirtyChuckie n LMFAO128.011B2009★★★★3*
Double Je (Clean) (Single)Christophe Willem120.4French03B2007★★★3*
When You Look At Me (Clean) (Single)Christina Milian109.0Urban Classics02A2001★★★3*
Lady Marmalade (voulez-vous couchez avec moi) [Xtendz] - qHD - CleanChristina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya n Pink109.9Old School / Classics06A2001★★★★★4*
Lady Marmalade (Thunderpuss Edit) (Clean) (Extended)Christina Agulera, Lil Kim, Mya & Pink130.0Dance Classics07A2001★★2*
Hurt (Clean) (Single)Christina Aguilera73.800's09A2006★★2*
Beautiful (Clean) (Single)Christina Aguilera76.1Slow Jams05A2002★★★3*
Ain't No Other Man (Clean) (Extended)Christina Aguilera128.000's09B2006★★2*
Changes (Dirty South Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Chris Lake127.007A★★2*
Kiss Kiss (Clean) (Extended)Chris Brown ft T-Pain70.0Hip Hop/R&B02A2007★★★3*
Run It Remix [Xtendz] - CleanChris Brown ft Juelz Santana101.0Old School / Classics02A2005★★★3*
Last Night (Clean) (Single)Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie121.209B2000★★★★★5*
I Wanna Be U (Clean) (Extended)Chocolate Puma133.2Dance Classics05A2002★★
The Music's No Good Without You (Almighty Edit) (Clean) (Extended)Cher130.0Dance Classics05A2001★★2*
I Fell In Love With The DJ (Clean) (Extended)Che'Nelle102.0Reggae/Soca06B2007★★2*
Do It Again (Clean) (Single)Chemical Brothers124.0House09A2007★★★3*
Cha Cha (Clean) (Single)Chelo102.0rock and rool03A2006★★★★4*
Took The Night [Single] - DirtyChelley128.005B2009★★★3*
My Life (Haji & Emanuel Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Chanel127.0Dance05B2006★★2*
Ridin (Dirty) (Extended)Chamillionaire ft Krayzie Bone71.5Hip Hop/R&B05B2005★★2*
Misunderstanding (Clean) (Extended)Cerrone ft Sweet Connection127.8Dance Classics07A2007★★★3*
Laisser Toucher (Clean) (Single)Cerrone ft Katherine Ellis126.0Dance Classics03A2007★★2*
Sous Le Vent (Clean) (Single)Celine Dion & Garou141.0French slow02A2000★★★3*
Immensite (Clean) (Single)Celine Dion76.7French05A2007★★
I'm Alive (Clean) (Extended)Celine Dion102.000's05A2002★★★3*
La Vida Es Un Carnaval (Dance Version) (Clean) (Single)Celia Cruz104.0Latin06A2004★★★3*
Would You Feel (Clean) (Single)C-Bool138.1Dance Classics12B2004★★
Toop Toop (Clean Single)Cassius132.0Top 4011A2006★★★★
Me n U (No Breakdown) [Xtendz] - CleanCassieCassie100.0R&B01A2006★★★3*
Me & U (Colin Jay Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Cassie120.0Dance Classics12A2006★★2*
Long Way To Go (Clean) (Extended)Cassie105.0hip hop Classics05A2018★★★3*
What Hurts The Most (No Breakdown) (Clean) (Extended)Cascada142.0Dance12B2007★★★
What Hurts The Most (Clean) (Extended)Cascada142.0Dance12B2007★★★3*
Truly Madly Deeply (Clean) (Extended)Cascada144.0Dance Classics11B2007★★2*
Neverending Dream (Clean) (Extended)Cascada142.0Dance Classics05A2007★★2*
Miracle (Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Cascada142.0Dance08B2007★★★3*
Miracle (USA Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Cascada142.0Dance09B★★★3*
Everytime We Touch (Hardwell & Maurice West Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Cascada146.1Dance Classics04A2005★★★3*
Everytime We Touch (Cold Drop) (Clean) (Extended)Cascada142.0Dance04A2005★★★★4*
Everytime We Touch (Clean) (Extended)Cascada141.9Dance05B2006★★★★4*
Centerfold (Clean) (Single)Captain Jack123.0Dance Classics11B2002★★2*
The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix) (Office Version) (Clean) (Extended)Camille Jones127.4Dance Classics02B2007★★★3*
Jerk It Out [Xtendz] - HD - CleanCaesars134.0Old School / Classics02B2002★★2*
Step Out (Clean) (Extended)Busy Signal120.3Reggae/Soca01B2006★★2*
World Go Round [Xtendz] - DirtyBusta Rhymes ft EstelleBack On My B.S.127.006B2009★★2*
Break Ya Neck [Xtendz] - DirtyBusta RhymesGenesis83.0Hip Hop08A2001★★★3*
Ms New Booty (Dirty) (Extended)Bubba Sparxxx97.0Urban Classics11B2005
Club Bizarre (Clean) (Extended)Brooklyn Bounce140.0Dance Classics10A2001★★★3*
Womanizer [Xtendz] - CleanBritney Spears139.0Old School / Classics11A2008★★2*
Toxic (Clean) (Extended)Britney Spears143.000's05A2004★★★★4*
Stronger (Clean) (Extended)Britney Spears108.000's01A2000★★★3*
Oops… I Did It Again (Clean) (Extended)Britney Spears95.000's12A2000★★★★4*
Oops... I didn't AgainBritney Spears95.100's12A2000★★★★★5*
Megamix (Clean) (Single)Britney Spears108.000's05A2005★★2*
I'm A Slave 4 U (Clean) (Extended)Britney Spears110.000's05A2001★★2*
Gimme More (Intro Main)Britney Spears113.3Top 4004B2007★★★3*
Gimme More (Dirty) (Extended)Britney Spears113.300's04B2007★★★★4*
Everytime (Clean) (Single)Britney Spears109.7Slow Jams06B2004★★2*
Circus [Xtendz]Britney SpearsCircus115.011A2008★★2*
3 (Clean Edit)(Intro)Britney Spearswww.my12inch.com133.0Top 4004A2009★★★3*
Chu Chu Ua (Clean) (Single)Brigada Pum130.0Latin08A2007★★
Love Is Wicked (Clean) (Extended)Brick & Lace100.1Dancehall07B2007★★★3*
Janeiro verdebrasila carnaval132.012A★★★★4*
Belsunce Breakdown (Clean) (Single)Bouga110.1French08A2000★★
Belsunce Breakdown (Clean) (Single)Bouga110.1Hip Hop08A2000★★★★4*
Au Bout Des Reves (Clean Single)Booba88.0Top 4010A2006★★
It's My Life (Clean) (Single)Bon Jovi120.0Alternative rock05A2000★★★★4*
Freestyler (Clean) (Extended)Bomfunk MCs82.0hip hop Dance Classics08B2000★★
B-Boys & Fly Girls (Clean) (Single)Bomfunk MC's134.0Dance Classics10A2000★★★★4*
New New New [Single] - CleanBob Sinclar ft Vybrate Queen Ifrican n MakedahBorn In 69129.008A2009★★★3*
Together (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar ft Steve Edwards128.0Dance Classics03A2007★★★★4*
Love Generation (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar ft Gary Pine128.0Dance Classics03B2005★★★★4*
What I Want (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar ft Fireball128.0House06B2007★★★★★5*
Darlin’ (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar ft D-Train103.0Urban Classics, funk09B2000★★★3*
Rock This Party (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar ft Cutey B128.0House06B2006★★★★★5*
World Hold On (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar feat Steve Edwards127.0dance02A2006★★★★★5*
The Beat Goes On (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar128.1Dance Classics05A2003★★★3*
Sounds Of Freedom (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar128.008B2007★★★★★5*
Kiss My Eyes (Clean) (Extended)Bob Sinclar127.1Dance Classics03A2002★★★3*
I Feel Love (Clean) (Extended)Blue Man Group ft Venus Hum135.900's03A2003★★2*
Bubblin' (Clean) (Single)Blue102.100's12A2004★★★★4*
Breathe (Clean) (Reggaeton Remix)Blu Cantrell ft Sean Paul100.0R&B10A2003★★★3*
Breathe (Clean) (Extended)Blu Cantrell ft Sean Paul91.9Hip Hop/R&B01B2003★★★3*
Breathe (Clean) (Extended)Blu Cantrell91.900's01B2003★★★
The Rock Show (Clean) (Single)Blink 18296.6Alternative/Rock11B2001★★2*
Man Overboard (Clean) (Single)Blink 18296.9Alternative/Rock09B2000★★2*
First Date (Clean) (Single)Blink 182191.2Alternative/Rock08B2001★★2*
Most Precious Love (Clean) (Extended)Blaze ft Barbara Tucker126.1House/EDM07B2016★★★★4*
The Nightfly (Clean) (Extended)Blank & Jones140.1Dance Classics03B2000★★★3*
Cream (Clean) (Extended)Blank & Jones140.0Dance Classics11A2000★★★★★5*
Where Is The Love (Clean) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas ft Justin Timberlake94.100's07B2003★★★3*
Boom Boom Pow [Transition Down 130-115] - CleanBlack Eye Peas vs DJ X Minda:DJ X Mind v:Smash Vidz130.8Transition04B2009★★★3*
Shut Up [Xtendz] - HD - DirtyBlack Eyed Peas113.0Old School / Classics08A2003★★★3*
Pump It (Clean) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas76.8Top 4008A2005★★★3*
My Humps (Dirty) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas124.000's12B2005★★★3*
Meet Me Halfway (Clean) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas130.0Pop10A2009★★★3*
Let's Get It Started (Clean) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas105.0Hip Hop/R&B11A2004★★★★4*
I Gotta Feeling (David Guetta FMIF Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas128.0Dance Classics06A2009★★★★★remix genial
I Gotta Feeling (Clean) (Single)Black Eyed Peas128.0Dance Classics06A2009★★★★★existe en remix et extend
I Gotta Feelin (XXX) [Xtendz] - DirtyBlack Eyed PeasThe E.N.D.128.006A2009★★★★★5*
Hey Mama (Clean) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas100.0R&B09A2004★★2*
Don't Phunk With My Heart (Clean) (Extended)Black Eyed Peas130.9Hip Hop/R&B04A2005★★★
Boom Boom Pow (No Breakdown) [Xtendz] - DirtyBlack Eye PeasThe E.N.D.130.003B2009★★★2*
Trackin' (Clean) (Single)Billy Crawford102.100's06A2001★★★3*
Husan (Clean) (Single)Bhangra Knights Vs Husan125.0Bollywood12A2003★★★3*
Crazy In Love (Clean) (Extended)Beyonce ft Jay-Z99.3Hip Hop/R&B08B2003★★★★4*
Crazy In Love (Live vs Studio) [Single] - CleanBeyonce ft Jay-ZDangerously In Love99.3R&B08B2003doublon
Single Ladies [Xtendz] - CleanBeyonceI Am... Sasha Fierce97.012A2008★★★★★5*
Ring The Alarm (Dirty) (Extended)Beyonce85.4Hip Hop/R&B12B2006★★2*
Naughty Girl [Xtendz] - CleanBeyonceDangerously In Love100.1R&B11A2004★★★3*
Irreplaceable (Clean) (Extended)Beyonce88.0Hip Hop/R&B06B2006★★★3*
Crazy In Love (Maurice’s Nu Soul Mix) (Clean) (Extended)Beyonce125.0Dance Classics08A2003★★★3*
No Matter What You Do (Clean) (Extended)Benny Benassi Presents The Biz130.0Dance Classics06B2004★★★3*
Who's Your Daddy (Uncensored) (XXX) (Clean) (Single)Benny Benassi126.1Dance Classics02B2005★★
Satisfaction (Clean) (Extended)Benny Benassi130.1House01B2002★★★★4*
Able To Love (Clean) (Extended)Benny Benassi132.0Dance Classics09A2002★★2*
In Your Arms (Clean Single)Benjamin Diamond127.9Dance11B2000★★
Illusion (Clean) (Extended)Benassi Bros ft Sandy134.1House01B2003★★★★4*
Make Me Feel (Clean) (Extended)Benassi Bros ft Dhany134.0Dance Classics09A2005★★★3*
Hit My Heart (Clean) (Extended)Benassi Bros ft Dhany134.2House12B2004★★★★4*
Every Single Day (Clean) (Extended)Benassi Bros ft Dhany130.1House10A2005★★★★4*
Don't Be Shy (Clean) (Extended)Belly ft Nina Sky96.0Urban Classics04A2007★★2*
Day-O (Banana Boat Song) (Clean) (Single)Beetle Juice Presents Rick Maniac139.9Dance Classics11A2003★★2*
Back It Up (Clean) (Extended)Beenie Man105.0Reggae04B2007★★★★4*
Back It Up (Clean) (Extended)Beenie Man105.0Reggae04B2007★★★3*
Superfreak (Can't Touch This) [Single] - Clean - Joke JamsBeatfreakz vs. Mc Hammer133.1Rhythmic / Top 4008B2006★★2*
Superfreak (Clean) (Extended)Beatfreakz133.2Dance Classics08B2006★★★3*
Somebody's Watching Me [Club] - CleanBeatfreakz128.0Old School / Classics12A2006★★★3*
Sugar Sugar (Clean) (Extended)Beatfactory ft Massiv4132.0Dance Classics03B2005★★
Now You're Gone (Clean) (Extended)Basshunter150.0Dance Classics05B2007★★★★★5*
Dota (Clean) (Extended)Basshunter140.1Dance07A2007★★★3*
Angel In The Night (Clean) (Extended)Basshunter140.0Dance Classics11A2008★★
All I Ever Wanted (Clean) (Extended)Basshunter145.0Dance Classics10A2008★★2*
On The Move (Clean) (Extended)Barthezz142.8Dance Classics03A2001★★★3*
Move In My Direction (Clean) (Single)Bananarama127.000's06A2005★★2*
Who Let The Dogs Out (Clean) (Extended)Baha Men129.1Reggae/Soca08B2000★★★★★5*
La Fiesta (Clean) (Extended)Backbone feat Fulanito142.0Latin07B★★★3*
I Got This Feeling (Clean) (Extended)Baby Bumps129.9Dance Classics01B2000★★★3*
Suga Suga (Clean) (Extended)Baby Bash ft Frankie J82.5Urban Classics03A2004★★★3*
Bump, Bump, Bump [Xtendz] - CleanB2K ft P. DiddyPandemonium!95.6R&B03B2002★★2*
Bada Boom (Clean) (Extended)B2K ft Fabolous96.0Hip Hop/R&B01A2003★★★3*
Bada Boom (Clean) (Single)B2K ft Fabolous96.0Hip Hop/R&B01A2003★★★
Down On My Knees (Clean Single)Ayo123.9Top 4005B2006★★
I Found You (Clean) (Extended)Axwell ft Max'C130.0House11B2007★★★★4*
Sk8er Boi (Clean) (Single)Avril Lavigne75.0rock07A★★2*
Girlfriend (Dirty) (Extended)Avril Lavigne164.0Alternative/Rock10B2007★★★3*
Complicated [Xtendz] - qHD - CleanAvril Lavigne78.0Old School / Classics07B2002★★2*
Complicated (Clean) (Single)Avril Lavigne78.0Pop07B★★2*
Obsesion (Clean) (Extended)Aventura132.0Latin12A2005★★★★4*
El Perdedor (Clean) (Extended)Aventura128.0Latin07B2007★★2*
Ladies Night (Clean) (Single)Atomic Kitten ft Kool & The Gang112.100's04A2003★★
Right Now (Clean) (Single)Atomic Kitten128.100's08A2003★★
My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Clean) (Single)ATC132.3Dance Classics11A2000★★★★4*
Around The World (Clean) (Extended)ATC132.0Dance04A2000★★★★4*
The Summer (Clean) (Single)ATB133.1Dance Classics04A2000★★★3*
Elle Est A Toi (Clean) (Single)Assia87.1French02B2000★★★
Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Clean) (Extended)Ashley Jade139.0Dance Classics10B2004★★2*
Love You More (Clean) (Extended)Armin Van Buuren ft Racoon138.0Trance04B2006★★2*
My My My (Vocal Mix) (Clean) (Single)Armand Van Helden ft Tara McDonald127.5Dance Classics09A2004★★2*
Full Moon (Clean) (Extended)Armand Van Helden ft Common118.0House05B2000★★★3*
aNYway (Clean) (Extended)Armand Van Helden & A Trak Pres Duck Sauce128.1House05A★★★3*
NYC Beat (Clean) (Extended)Armand Van Helden130.0House10A2007★★
Into Your Eyes (Clean) (Extended)Armand Van Helden129.0House09A2005★★2*
Fait Divers (Clean Single)Arkol120.0Alternative12B2006★★
Everybody’s Free (Clean) (Extended)Aquagen ft Rozalla140.0Dance Classics07A2002★★2*
Party Alarm (Clean) (Extended)Aquagen140.0Dance Classics07A2001★★2*
Cartoon Heroes (Clean) (Single)Aqua128.0Dance04B2000★★★3*
Start Rockin’ (Clean) (Extended)Antiloop132.0Dance Classics03B2000★★★3*
Ring My Bell (Eiffel 65 Edit) (Clean) (Single)Ann Lee126.0Dance Classics07A2000★★★3*
2 Times (Clean) (Extended)Ann Lee130.107B2000★★★★★5*
Cesse La Pluie (Clean) (Single)Anggun105.1rock fr08A2005★★★★4*
Ven Bailalo (Clean) (Single)Angel Y Khriz97.0Latin12A2006★★★3*
Vivo Per Lei (Ich Lebe Fur Sie) (Clean) (Single)Andrea Bocelli ft Judy Weiss68.0Italian10A2007★★2*
Speed Up (Luvstruck 2002) (Clean) (Single)Andre Visor140.1techno07A2002★★★3*
Left Outside Alone (Clean) (Single)Anastacia103.090's07A2004★★★3*
Club Megamix (Long Version) (Clean) (Single)Anastacia126.1Dance Classics11A2005★★2*
Rehab (Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Amy Winehouse ft Jay-Z145.000's08B2006★★2*
You Know I'm No Good (Clean) (Extended)Amy Winehouse103.600's11B2006★★★
Rehab (Clean) (Extended)Amy Winehouse145.500's08B2006★★2*
This Is The Life (Clean) (Single)Amy MacDonald95.000's12A2007★★
J'voulais (Clean Single)Amine110.0Top 4009A2006★★★★
One Thing (Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Amerie ft Eve100.0Hip Hop/R&B03B2005★★★3*
Ne Retiens Pas Tes Larmes (Clean Single)Amel Bent90.0Urban06A2005★★
Ma Philosophie (Clean) (Single)Amel Bent100.0French09A2004★★★★★5*
Beau Dimanche (Clean Single)Amadou & Mariam110.0Afrobeats11A2006★★★★
No Limites (Clean) (Extended)Alliance Ethnik111.1French12B2000★★★★4*
Moi...Lolita (Clean) (Single)Alizee108.0French10A2001★★★3*
Mademoiselle Juliette (Clean) (Single)Alizee130.1French08A2007★★2*
Smooth Criminal (Clean) (Single)Alien Ant Farm126.9Rock08A2001★★2*
No One (Clean) (Single)Alicia Keys90.001A★★★3*
If I Ain't Got You (Clean) (Single)Alicia Keys118.100's10A2004★★★3*
Fallin' (Clean) (Single)Alicia Keys127.9R&B12B2001★★★3*
Will I Ever (Clean) (Extended)Alice Deejay137.1Dance Classics10B2000★★★★4*
The Lonely One (Clean) (Extended)Alice Deejay140.0Dance Classics03B2000★★★3*
Watch Out (Clean) (Extended)Alex Gaudino ft Shena129.4Dance Classics11B2008★★★3*
Destination Calabria (Clean) (Extended)Alex Gaudino ft Crystal Waters128.0House07A2007★★★★4*
Don't You Want Me (Clean) (Single)Alcazar124.0Dance Classics08A2002★★★
Hands Clean (Clean) (Single)Alanis Morissette100.000's09B2001★★★3*
Rubicon (Clean) (Extended)Alan Braxe & Fred Falke145.0Dance Classics11B2004★★
Et Si En Plus Y a Personne (Clean Single)Alain Souchon96.0Top 4007A2005★★
Locked Up [Xtendz] - DirtyAkon ft Styles PTrouble90.0R&B08B2006★★2*
Smack That [Xtendz] - DirtyAkon ft EminemKonvicted119.0Rythmic / Top 4004A2006★★★3*
Sorry, Blame It On Me (Clean) (Extended)Akon88.0Hip Hop/R&B07A2007★★2*
Right Now (Na Na Na) [Xtendz] - DirtyAkonFreedom138.012A2008★★2*
Lonely (Clean) (Extended)Akon90.1Hip Hop05B2004★★2*
Don't Matter (Clean) (Extended)Akon62.6Hip Hop/R&B09B2006★★★3*
Don't Matter (Calypso Remix) (Clean) (Extended)Akon125.2Soca05B2007★★2*
Belly Dancer (Bananza) (Clean) (Extended)Akon104.8Urban Classics04A2005★★★3*
Kylie (Clean) (Single)Akcent125.0Dance Classics05A2005★★★3*
Release Me (Jason Nevins Remix) [Club] - CleanAgnes128.006A2009remix
Because I Got High (Clean) (Extended)Afroman81.0Comedy08A2001★★
S.O.S (Tocadisco Mix) (Clean) (Extended)A-Disco ft Polina128.0House05A2005★★2*
Toi Et Moi (Clean Single)Adenyum132.0Dance03B2006★★★
Take My Breath Away (Starstylers Dance Mix) (Clean) (Single)Activ-8138.1Dance Classics05B2006★★2*
Rock 'N Roll TrainAC/DCBlack Ice119.0Rock08A2008★★2*
Stiff Upper Lip (Clean) (Single)ACDC124.0Alternative/Rock11B2000★★★3*
Satellite Blues (Clean) (Single)AC DC117.7Alternative/Rock10B2000★★★3*
Safe In New York City (Clean) (Single)AC DC161.5Alternative/Rock12B2000★★2*
Dancin' (Clean) (Single)Aaron Smith ft Luvli131.0Dance Classics03B2004★★2*
Ole Ole (Clean) (Single)1130125.300's10A2000★★2*
Supadupafly (Clean) (Single)666138.1Dance Classics01B2001★★★3*
The D.E.V.I.L. (Club Caviar Mix) (Clean) (Extended)666138.0Dance Classics06A2000★★★★4*
The D.E.V.I.L. (Clean) (Extended)666130.0Dance Classics11A2000★★★★4*
Partir Loin (Clean) (Single)113 ft Talieni102.1French07A2006★★★3*
Dance With Me (Clean) (Extended)112 feat Beanie Sigel101.6R&B03A2001★★★3*
Kingston Town (Clean) (Extended)89ers138.1techno05A2003★★2*
P.I.M.P (Remix) (Explicit Video) (Dirty) (Extended)50 Cent ft Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck85.3Hip Hop/R&B02A2003★★★2A
Candy Shop (Dirty) (Extended)50 Cent ft Olivia98.0Hip Hop02B2005★★★★4*
Ayo Technology [Snipz] - Dirty50 Cent ft Justin Timberlake n Timberland70.0Rhythmic / Top 4001A2007★★2*
Ayo Technology (Dirty) (Extended)50 Cent ft Justin Timberlake70.0Hip Hop/R&B01A2007★★★3*
Just A Lil' Bit (Dirty) (Extended)50 Cent96.9Hip Hop/R&B07B2005★★2*
In Da Club [Xtendz] - Dirty50 Cent90.0Hip Hop12A2003★★★★4*
In Da Club (Clean) (Extended)50 Cent90.0Hip Hop12A2002★★★★★
Disco Inferno (Dirty) (Extended)50 Cent97.0Hip Hop/R&B10B2004★★2*
Turn It Around (XXX) (Clean) (Extended)4 Strings139.0Dance Classics12A2004★★